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Talking Books/Special Needs Library

Talking Books Debuted at the Jacksonville Public Library in 1975

Times Union Archive Collection, Talking Books, Jacksonville Public Library

October 15 is White Cane Day— a day to recognize the many achievements of blind and visually impaired citizens and the white cane as a tool promoting independent travel. Talking Books debuted at the Jacksonville Public Library on June 5, 1975.

Exploring Your Passion - Patrick Lane

Jenna Hassell with Patrick Lane in the Ansbacher Map Room. Jenna is wearing the Aira glasses and holding the At&T hotspot that goes with itPatrick Lane is an Agent Analyst for Aira, a company that provides video-equipped smart glasses, and one-button access to a network of trained professional agents. Patrick shares his personal connection to the company and how the Aira agents help their "explorers" navigate the world. The photo above shows the Aira smart glasses with the camera on the side and the AT&T wireless hotspot that all explorers get to make sure they are never out of reach of an Aira agent. 

Jacksonville Public Library