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Friends Groups

Participate in the various Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library groups!

Friends' website:  Friends of Jacksonville Public Library

Margaret Smith, President

Personal: 904-910-0539

Friends Main Office: 904-630-2304

3435 University Blvd N. Jacksonville, FL 32277

Friends of the Beaches Public Library

Marianna Kane, President​

Friends of the Olga L. Bradham and Etta L. Brooks Branch Library

Alisa Harrell, President

Personal:  904-358-0434

1755 Edgewood Avenue W., Jacksonville, FL 32208

Friends of the Mandarin Library

Ted Hornoi-Centerwall

Friends of the Bill Brinton Murray Hill Library

Jay Stuckey, III, President

Personal: 904-955-3724

918 Edgewood Avenue South, Jacksonville, FL 32205


Friends of the Willowbranch Library

Roxanne Henkle, President

Personal: 904-210-0011

2875 Park St., Jacksonville, FL 32205

Friends of the Dallas Graham Branch Library

Lynn Sherman, Acting President

Personal: 904-497-8123

2304 Myrtle Avenue N., Jacksonville, FL 32209

Friends of the Brentwood Branch Library

Jeanette Ali, President


Friends of the South Mandarin Branch Library

Kenneth Tucker, President

Friends of the Maxville Branch Library

Kim North, President

8375 Maxville Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32234


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