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Please read the Library's Frequently Asked Questions for information regarding most inquiries before using the Contact Us form. Thank you.

Library Reopening FAQ

Library Reopening FAQ


Is it safe for me to handle books I pick up at the library?

According to the Center for Disease Control, after 24 hours infectious agents including COVID-19 would not remain on materials (Library Journal: IMLS, CDC: On Staff Safety, Handling Paper In COVID-19 Pandemic). Jacksonville Public Library is exceeding those recommendations by quarantining returned items for at least 72 hours. Furthermore, staff are taking care to use gloves and handle items as minimally as possible for your safety.

Should I do anything to sanitize books, dvds and cds when I receive them or before returning them?

No. Items have been carefully handled by staff to avoid any potential contamination. After materials are returned they are being quarantined for 72 hours to allow any potential traces of COVID 19 or other infections agents to expire. (Please note that damage caused to books, dvds or cds by applying cleaning fluids to them may result in damage fees.)

How can we be sure that staff members are not infected with COVID-19?

Before entering the building, staff members will complete a COVID-19 screening questionnaire and have their temperature taken. If staff report to work ill or are found to be potentially compromised, they will be sent home. While at work, staff will wear masks, wash and sanitize hands frequently, and practice social distancing. Curbside pickup of holds is a contactless process. Your safety and the safety of our staff is our priority.



Why can't I find a list of locations that have curbside service?

Curbside pickup is for picking up holds by notification only. Holds already ready for customers when we closed will be fulfilled first at the pilot locations. Then we plan to pull holds that came available or were placed since we closed.

Placing holds at pilot locations or requesting holds be moved to pilot locations would not speed up fulfillment of your holds, and in fact may unnecessarily prolong them as the processes for distribution and staff available for those tasks are not fully activated at this time. 

To support the efficiency of this process, we ask you please to check your email or phone for notifications of holds being ready and continue to place holds as you normally would when all locations are open, and not visit curbside locations without notification (except to return materials). As we move through this pilot portion and other things change, we expect to begin providing more service. 

All that said, the nine pilot curbside by notification and appointment only locations are Beaches, Pablo Creek, Southeast, Regency, Webb Wesconnett, West Branch, Mandarin on Kori Road, Dallas Graham Branch and Highlands. The JPL Express Lockers in Oceanway are also planned to be running shortly.  

How do I make an appointment to pick up my holds?

You will receive a link and instructions on making appointments in the email notification your receive, or when you receive a phone notification.

Do I need to have an appointment to pick up my holds even if I got a notification that they are ready?

No, you don’t need an appointment. However—like when visiting a busy restaurant—making a reservation for library curbside pickup will result in a better and faster experience. If you do not have an appointment, follow the “No Appointment” signs in the parking lot and follow the instructions on the sign to retrieve your holds.

Can I pick up my holds at any of the curbside service locations?

No. Unfortunately, due to our limited staffing, materials on hold can only be picked up at the branch location listed on the email notice you received.. If you would like to request that an item on hold be relocated to another of the branches providing curbside service, we will begin that service in June.  Note:  Because this service won’t be available until June, it will take longer for you to receive the material.

Can I pick up a hold if I haven’t received a notification?

No. You will not be able to pick up your hold until the library staff prepare it and send the notice (text or email).  To ensure that we can provide you and your fellow library cardholders with the best possible experience, please do not attempt to pick up holds before you have been notified that they are ready.

Will my library be getting curbside hold pickup service soon?

We do not have any dates for additional curbside hold locations. Watch our website, emails and social media for updates.

Will curbside pickup be available in the future?

There have been no decisions about curbside service in the future. This is a valuable step to return to providing library service while there are safety concerns about the pandemic.


I don’t want my held item anymore. Can I cancel it?

Yes. Please call (904) 255-2665 and we’ll cancel it for you.

When will my holds be due?

All items will be due June 30, 2020 or later.


Can I return my books, DVDs and/or CDs?

Yes. You can return materials to any one of the library’s 21 locations. They do not have to be returned to the same location you borrowed them from.

I returned a book but it still says it’s checked out. Is it lost? What happened?

We’re quarantining books, DVDs and CDs for 72 hours after they’re returned (exceeding CDC recommendations) for safe handling of materials. Therefore, books you’ve returned may not be checked back in yet. Please know that you will not receive overdue fines for any materials you have out or have returned until at least Jan 1, 2021.


Will I have overdue fines on materials?

No. Thanks to Mayor Curry, the City Council and the Board of Library Trustees, all current overdue fines have been waived , and no new overdue fines will be applied through December 31, 2020. 

A fee was placed on my account or was not removed from my account. I thought there were no fines?

If an item you had was either lost, damaged or not returned, you may incur fees. Fees have not been waived (only overdue fines) as they are needed to maintain or replace library materials so others can borrow them .  If you return the long overdue item before December 31, 2020, no overdue fines will be charged  . (All fees already on your account related to lost, damaged or unreturned items will remain in place. Call us at (904) 255-2665 with questions.)


I have books to donate. Where and when can I drop them off?

Please hold on to any donations right now. We have limited staff to receive and process them. Watch our website, emails and social media for updates.


Why aren’t the libraries open (when the Governor said they can open at 50% capacity and St. Johns and Nassau County libraries are open already)?

There are governmental, budgetary and safety issues that the library is managing. These take time and resources to coordinate and activate. We have a multi-stage plan and are working to restore service at library buildings as efficiently, effectively and safely as is practical.

  1. When the City of Jacksonville is under a state of emergency (as it is now) city employees that are not deemed essential to handle the emergency---including most library staff---are not cleared to work. During  shorter-term emergencies like hurricanes this makes sense, since library staff are rarely tasked with restoring power or clearing debris from streets. This longer-term emergencies like the COVID 19 pandemic are unusual.
  2. Because any work performed by city or library staff during a declared emergency carries with it additional compensation (in time or dollars), operating any level of library service added expense to the budget. The city and library are trying to preserve funds to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars. 
  3. This new environment where there are ongoing safety concerns requires us to provide in-person service a little differently. For a large system like Jacksonville Public Library that serves a city of 1,000,000 people across 21 locations, that takes time to coordinate and activate.

When will libraries be open for other services?

We do not have any dates for other library services at this time. Watch our website, emails and social media for updates.

I am doing research. How do I reach library reference staff and/or non-digital library research material while the library is closed?

At this time, all available library staff members are focused on providing curbside service. Reference and research services will be available again in the future.   

I’ve been calling the branch and no one is answering. I thought staff was in some or all of the branches now?

At this time branch phone lines are not being answered. Please call (904) 255-2665 if you need assistance.

I have Interlibrary Loan (ILL) materials. Can I return those now?

Yes, Materials borrowed via interlibrary loan can be returned to any branch via the bookdrop.   If you have questions, please call (904) 255-2665.

I requested a book through Interlibrary Loan. Can I pick it up now?

No. Interlibrary Loan is currently unavailable. Stay tuned to our website, emails and social media for updates. 

I use Talking Books to get my books. Can I start receiving those now?

Unfortunately, this service is not available through the library at this time. You can contact the Talking Books Library in Daytona Beach at 1-800-226-6075 or visit Florida Division of Blind Services for information. 

How can we help?

Are you suggesting the library purchase a book, audiobook, e-book, etc. for the collection? Please use this form.

Are you asking about curbside service or picking up physical materials at a Library location?

While the city is under a limited emergency for COVID-19, only those city employees performing essential services are cleared for work. Once the Mayor deems it safe for other city employees including branch library staff to return to work, the library will begin executing its plan to restore circulation of physical materials. All options are being reviewed to get you the books and media you need!


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