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Rockbot Studios - Josh Cobb + Producer Bryan's Debut

Hurley and Jenna pretend to sing in the microphones with Josh Cobb in the podcast studio at the main library.Josh Cobb grew up on a dairy farm before moving to Florida and slowly moving his way up the coast to Jacksonville. Josh owns Rockbot Studios right down the street from our Willowbranch Library in Riverside and is a long-time friend of our very own Producer Bryan. Producer Bryan makes his debut on the mic talking about how he met Josh and all of his different bands that have recorded at Rockbot Studios. 

Heartbeat of the Community - Social Grounds Coffee Co.

Photo of show hosts, Jenna and Hurley, with Jason Kelloway, the owner of Social GroundsJason Kelloway is a veteran, owner of Social Grounds Coffee Company, and creator of Cup of Love ministry. Jason discusses his journey from homelessness to starting his Springfield based coffee company.

Gateway Olives - Olive My Pickle

Photo of Charlotte Tzabari, Jenna Hassell, Hurley Winkler in front of the studio microphones

Charlotte Tzabari and her husband Shai moved to Jacksonville and started Olive My Pickle from the San Marco Branch Library in 2010. Charlotte comes in to tell us about their old-world fermentation process and Hurley and Jenna discover their gateway olive.  

Jacksonville Public Library