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Free Virtual Computer Classes From The Jacksonville Public Library E-Services Department

Free Virtual Computer Classes at Jacksonville Public Library

Due to the pandemic, E-Services will be providing a modified schedule of computer help to our customers. We will not be offering our usual classes and 1-on-1s until it is safe to do so. In the meantime, check out these options for technology help.

Is Your Tech Ready For Hurricane Season?

Tech Tuesday with Jacksonville Public Library

How should I prepare my tech for a storm?  

First check all batteries and charge/replace any that need it before the storm. Make sure all devices are charged before the storm in case of power outage. Try not to use your tech except in case of emergency, and turn your tech off or put it in airplane mode when you’re not actively using it to preserve your battery life. 

Zoom – Here we go!

Tech Tuesday with Jacksonville Public Library

In the coming weeks Jacksonville Public Library will be offering online classes taught by the E-Services Department, and we’ll be using Zoom to show them. So, what is Zoom and how do I Zoom? We have some tips on Zooming that will help!

So You Think You Can Tech – The Address Bar

Tech Tuesday with Jacksonville Public Library

Welcome back to another installment of So You Think You Can Tech. Before we get started, there's an important annoucement to make - E-Services will be offering virtual classes starting July 6th, including Job Searching Online, Creating Resumes with Templates, Creating a Budget, Email and the Cloud, and Web Design for Small Businesses and Side Hustles! Check back soon for more info. Now, back to So You Think You Can Tech. Last time we talked about internet browsers. Today I would like to expand on them a bit more by introducing you to the Address Bar. 

So You Think You Can Tech – Browsers

Tech Tuesday

Hello and welcome back. Today I’m here to talk about something you might have heard referenced before: Browsers.

So You Think You Can Tech - How Do I Schedule a 1-on-1 Tech Tutoring or Tech Help Session?

Tech Tuesday

We are a few weeks into our Tech Tips With E-Services and we realize you may now be wondering, how can I take advantage of all of these wonderful E-Services available at the library? Other questions you have may include “How do I find a list of classes being offered at a branch near me?”, “How do I schedule a 1-on-1 Tech Tutoring or Tech Help Session?” Or, “ Do I need a library card to make an appointment and is there a cost for this service?" Well fear not Tech friends, we have the answers to all those questions in this blog post!

Level Up for Digital Learning Day

Digital Learning Day, Digital Technology, Jacksonville Public Library, E-services

Put your tech skills to the test on February 27, 2020! Digital Learning Day celebrates the use of digital technology in learning and highlights innovative, forward-thinking ways to use technology in the classroom.

How To: E-Books, Audiobooks and More!

It’s 2019 and everyone wants instant access to materials at any hour! We get it—we do too! To accommodate the need for instant information and entertainment, JPL has awesome online resources that everyone in our community should be taking advantage of.

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