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Qualify for an Educator Card

This special card is offered exclusively to educators in Duval County public, charter, and private schools, as well as licensed childcare centers.  It allows holders to supplement their curriculum to assist in ensuring educational success for students.


  • Complete an Educator Card application
  • Present proof of employment by a Duval County educational facility, such as a letter from the principal, school system administrator, current school employee ID, pay stub or other official documentation.
  • Present proof of home address.

The Educator Card provides the following:

  • Place holds on up to 50 items
  • Place multiple holds on a single book title by contacting any library location
  • No overdue fines
  • The Educator cardholder is responsible for any lost or damaged fees
  • Renewed annually
Item Type Maximum Limit Loan Period Renewal
Books, Audio Books, CDs 100 6 weeks 2
DVDs 20 2 weeks 2
Traveling Tales 6 6 weeks 2
JEA Kits 1 6 weeks 2

*Note: In the case of eligibility for Duval County Homeschool Teachers, Florida State Statute 1002.41 a Homeschool Verification Letter on Duval County Public School Letterhead must be provided as the official documentation for the Educator Card. The Duval County Homeschool Teacher can request a Homeschool Verification Letter from:

Home Education Office Duval County Public Schools 1701 Prudential Drive Jacksonville, Florida 32207 (904) 390-2477

Jacksonville Public Library