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Supercharged Stories: Fiona the Hippo

Fiona the Hippo

KABOOOOOOOM! You're now an honorary children's librarian! Time for you to employ Supercharged Stories: fully-packed programs for kids age 5 - 12 that jump off from a great book into all kinds of fun and engrossing activities and challenges. 

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Have a blast!  

Fiona the Hippo




Fiona the HippoFiona the Hippo

by New York Times Bestselling Illustrator Richard Cowdrey

Born prematurely, at only 29 pounds, Fiona was not expected to live. But her spunk and determination (along with lots of love and support from her caregivers at the zoo) helped her thrive and become a happy, healthy hippopotamus.

With every challenge she faced, Fiona gave a snort, wiggled her ears, and said, "I've got this." And she did!  

In this delightful story, inspired by the real adventure of this heroic hippo, join Fiona and her lovable animal friends at the zoo as she is introduced to the world in this whimsical and inspiring tale of perseverance and friendship.


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Ask your child questions about the book as you are reading.

  • Why did Fiona always tell herself “I’ve got this!”
  • Why was the whole world watching Fiona’s progress?
  • How do you think Fiona felt when she finally got to swim with her parents and play with her friends?
  • Can you name the kinds of animal friends Fiona played with?




Unicorn Horn

Using Play-Doh or modeling clay, make your own baby animal. Think about the colors and textures you might see on that animal. Be creative!

clay hippoplaydoh rabbitplaydoh dog






Growing and Learning

In the story, Fiona was always growing and learning. Do you remember what it was like to learn something new? In your journal, write about that time and draw pictures to illustrate how you learned.

Fiona I've Got This 




Animal Race!

  • Start by choosing an animal from the story that all players will pretend to be. Some examples are elephants, seals, turtles, giraffes, and parrots.
  • At the sound of “go”, run to the end of the yard like how that animal would run. For example, giraffes gallop, so everyone will gallop in the race until one person reaches the finish line.
  • The winner earns one point.
  • Play as many rounds as you would like, changing the animals as many times as you’d like.
  • Ready, set, go!

Animal Race



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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

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