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Storytime DIY: Let's Build a Fort

Kids Can Do It Build a Fort

Are you ready to get your hands [safely] dirty?

Honorary children's librarians (that's YOU!): get ready for Storytime DIY. This do-it-yourself afternoon is a great way to make a book come to life with hands-on crafts, cooking, science and more.

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Let's Build a Fort




Kids Can Do It! I Can Build a Fort!Kids Can Do It I Can Build a Fort

by Ruth Owen

Magical castles, hideaway caves, secret clubhouses, rainy day escapes – forts can be just about anything!

This guide to ultimate fort building lets readers put their engineering creativity to the test. They'll construct their own unique hideouts through easy, step-by-step activities. Helpful photographs serve as springboards for original ideas.

Readers can gain independence by constructing forts solo, or learn about teamwork by building with friends. In either case, they'll feel empowered to take on individual projects and personalize their fortresses.

With amazing ideas and easy instructions, this valuable exercise in independence is accessible and fun.

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Talk about these questions with your kids as you read the book.

  • Have you ever built a really cool fort? If so, what kind of features did it have? If not, what kind of fort would you like to have?
  • Which fort design in the book do you like the most?
  • Is there a fort design you would like to try that wasn’t in the book?



Make Your Own Fort!Man and boy in fort

Find an open space in your house or yard. Based on the space available, design your perfect fort. Think about the materials you are going to use and the features your fort will have, including the entryways. If you’re really ambitious, try building a multi-level fort. You are the architect, so have fun!

What did you make? Share it with us on Facebook or Instagram or send us an email with a picture of your project to and we might share it with our fans!




Fort Defenderalien

Oh, no! Alien invaders have landed from outer space! The only real safe place is the fort you’ve built, but they want to capture it and take it as their own.

Write a story about what happened when alien invaders attacked, and you had to defend your fort.




Empty the Fort!Box of toys

This game requires at least two players who will take turns filling up and emptying a fort. 

  1. Ahead of time, choose a variety of objects that could go inside of a fort (i.e. balloons, balls, action figures, hats, etc.). 
  2. One player will have one minute to fill up the fort with as many objects as possible. 
  3. That person’s goal is to fill up the fort as much as they can so that it is difficult for the other player to empty it on their turn. 
  4. When it is the next player’s turn, that person will have one minute to empty the fort. 
  5. For every object that person retrieves, they will receive one point. 
  6. When this round is over, it will be the other person’s turn to empty the fort after it is filled up again. 

Have fun and play as many rounds as you would like. 



Building forts, stories about forts and one of the most famous forts of all:

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