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Storytime DIY: Cool Kid Inventions

Storytime DIY: Cool Kid Inventions

Are you ready to get your hands [safely] dirty?

Honorary children's librarians (that's YOU!): get ready for Storytime DIY. This do-it-yourself




Cool Kid Inventions

By Laura Hamilton Waxman

What do Braille, toy trucks, and Boo Boo Goo all have in common? They were all invented by kids like yours!

If your kids have ever thought of a cool idea that solves a problem: make it a reality! This book introduces you and your kids to real-life kid inventors and their creations that led to success.

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Talk about these questions with your kids as you read the book.

  • What is your favorite invention?
  • What problem did it solve?
  • If you were to make one improvement to an invention, what would it be?




Make a cool invention!

Start by thinking of a problem that needs to be solved.

Use materials around the house to bring your invention to life.

What did you make? Share it with us on Facebook or Instagram or send us an email with a picture of your project to and we might share it with our fans!




Invention Idea Journal

Think about a problem at school or at home that lots of kids may experience.

Break out your creative journal and design an invention that would solve that problem.

Don’t forget to give it a title and some cool details about how it works.




Pile o’ Problems

This game is all about thinking quick


Start by generating a list of everyday problems. For example: lost remote control, unfolded laundry, unmade bed, knotted shoelaces, spilled milk, etc. Write down these ideas on squares of paper or index cards.

Once you have a pile of problems, place them face down.


You and at least one other person will take turns, flipping over one card at a time.

As each card is flipped, the person flipping the card will need to think of a way to solve that problem—quickly!


If that person responds quickly, they can keep their card which is equal to 1 point.However, if that person hesitates, they will have to give that card to the other person.


The person with the most points once all cards are flipped over wins.

The game is over either when one player wins, or all squares are filled.




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