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So You Think You Can Tech - How Do I Schedule a 1-on-1 Tech Tutoring or Tech Help Session?

Tech Tuesday
#TechTuesday with E-Services

We are a few weeks into our Tech Tips With E-Services and we realize you may now be wondering, how can I take advantage of all of these wonderful E-Services available at the library? Other questions you have may include “How do I find a list of classes being offered at a branch near me?”, “How do I schedule a 1-on-1 Tech Tutoring or Tech Help Session?” Or, “ Do I need a library card to make an appointment and is there a cost for this service?" Well fear not Tech friends, we have the answers to all those questions in this blog post!

How do I find a list of classes being offered at a branch near me?

You can go to the events section of our website and narrow down results to the branch or branches that you would like to attend a class at. If you are interested in a specific topic, there is a search feature that allows you to search by a class title.

To find classes being taught at your favorite branch you can start by going to the events page of the website. Once on the calendar of events page, you can narrow it down by the branch and then choose the type of event you want to see in the list, such as the category "Computers and Technology" Or, if you have a specific topic that you are looking for you can search all branches and narrow it down by the category of "Computers and Technology" classes taught at "any branch" with that class title or subject. To see as many of the classes that you are interested in, choose the option to "show all" of the classes taught at a specific branch or all branches with that class title or subject and then look at the dates times and locations that work best for your schedule. Your local branch should also have printed monthly class schedules available for the surrounding area.

How do I schedule a 1-on-1 Tech Tutoring or Tech Help Session?

There are multiple ways to schedule an appointment. One way is to call your local branch and ask them to help you to schedule a 1-on-1 tech tutoring session. Another way to schedule an appointment is by visiting your local branch to have them assist you. You can typically do that by going to the "Ask Here" Desk inside the branch. If you are comfortable using a computer and the internet, you can book your appointment by going to the Jacksonville Public Library Website. Once on the website click on either the services tab on the top bar of the site or click on the How Do I button then scroll down to find How Do I > Get Technology Help or use link number. One drop down below this and you will be taken to the e-services page which has a blue box that says One on One Help Sessions by Appointment. This will take you to the booking page and allow you to choose the branch you want to book your appointment at, along with showing you the dates and times that are available. If there are appointments available the boxes will appear green, if they are booked they will appear red.

Please as much detail and information on the specifics of what you will need help with . In the field that asks what device or service you need, please list as much detail as possible with all relevant devices/programs/software information. To assist us with properly preparing for appointment, we ask that you give as much detailed information as you can in regards to any questions have about your program, a device or one of our services such as working with digital resources.

It is important to note that appointments are not available at every branch each day. Tech Tutoring Sessions are by appointment only and appointments are limited to 4 sessions of 50 minutes per-person each month. You do not need a library card to make an appointment and there is no cost for the service. 


Shannon Lents

Shannon LentsShannon Lents is a fun-loving, tech-savvy, Photographer & Graphic Artist who loves to help others and read. You will either find her in one of the Jacksonville Public Library Branches in her role as an E-specialist working with the public, spending time with her family or friends. She enjoys being outdoors on or near the water and enjoys a good book or movie/TV show.


Tuesday, March 10, 2020

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