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Mapping Jax: Steve Williams' Vision for the Urban Core

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A Conversation with Steve Williams

Steve Williams is well known throughout Jacksonville as the CEO of Harbinger Sign, the owner of Florida Mining Gallery, and a hard-core advocate of the arts and development in the urban core. He will be speaking at the Mapping Our Past event happening at the Main Library on January 25th in the Ansbacher Map Room. Steve joined us on Completely Booked to chat about his latest endeavor, #MappingJax. Listen to the podcast below:


What is #MappingJax?

Mapping Jax is an initiative to inspire, preserve, educate, and advocate for our city's natural and built environments. Their mission is to support the revitalization of Downtown Jacksonville as the vibrant center of the metropolitan area. 


Creative Solutions for the Urban Core

A main focus of Mapping Jax’s mission is the preservation of historic architecture. Steve believes that with creative solutions, high quality design, smart planning and development, and community support, Downtown Jacksonville can reach its full potential. Learn more about Mapping Jax here, and be sure to check out Mapping Our Past on January 25th!


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Gabby LoSchiavo, Gabrielle LoSchiavo, Jacksonville Public Library, BlogGabrielle LoSchiavo is a media specialist at Jacksonville Public Library. When she's not creating library content, you can most likely find her writing short stories, playing guitar, or binging horror films. She is also a co-host for Completely Booked, the official podcst of the Jacksonville Public Library.


Monday, January 13, 2020

Jacksonville Public Library