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Art Galleries at Main

The Jacksonville Public Library (JPL) is pleased to provide space for exhibits that support its mission to enrich lives, build community, and foster success by bringing people, information, and ideas together. These exhibits may be educational, cultural, civic or artistic in nature.  Please see the Exhibit Policy for information about sharing your work.

Exhibit spaces include the Gallery on the first floor adjacent to the Jax Makerspace as well as spaces on the second and third floor atriums.  The third floor space is named the Betty Francis Gallery.


Current Exhibitions

Reclaimed: Life Beyond the Landfill

Image representing the Reclaimed Art Exhibit at the Jacksonville Public Library

June 5 – September 22, 2019

Art increases awareness and inspires change by examining important issues. In this exhibition, this innovative art highlights the abundance of single-use products which contributes to pollution and teeming landfills. Reclaimed: Life Beyond the Landfill showcases artists who reimagine and assemble discarded materials into original works of art, giving objects a second life.

The Art of Laura Colomb

Image of a work of art in the Art of Laura Colomb exhibition at the Jacksonville Public Library

June 19, 2019 – July 30, 2019

2nd Floor and Betty Francis Galleries       

Florida belongs to its own place and time. The heat, the swamps, the humidity and the bugs have been like a foreign planet I've somehow landed on. The density of these forests, with the ominous rustle of creatures moving close next to you, but which you can't see, create a miasma of nightmare. Yet, in that, there is a rich beauty, as if steeped in a world where time stands still. These drawings try to get at that, if only just a little.

Past Exhibitions


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