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Become a 3D Printer Master

We have an exciting update for 2017: Starting this month we will be offering on demand 3D printer services! You may be excited at the thought of being able to print your very own designs without purchasing your own 3D printer. Or, you may be thinking this is cool, but why am I interested!? What can I make? You can make a ton of things. A simple Google search will pull up hundreds of designs.

Let Us See Those Book Faces!

At the Library there’s one thing that brings us together – our love of books! Being a bastion of books, we are often offered Advanced Readers Copies of upcoming best sellers. While we love those advanced reads, we know that you do too! We wanted to pass on that perk to you, but how would we tell who the biggest book nerd is?!

JPL Uses PRIME TIME to Transform Families

Low literacy may be a global crisis, but it can be resolved locally. In fact, it can be resolved within the walls of your home.

Research indicates that when families spend time reading together it not only improves the child’s academic performance, it transforms the family.

Basically, a family that reads together succeeds together.

FOUND: This nickel

We're taking a short break this week, so to hold you over until next week's update, here's an adorable note found on the desk of the children's department of another library. Makes your heart happy, doesn't it? Have a great week, everybody! :-)

After the Storm...One City One Jax

This past week was truly one for the record books here in Jacksonville. For several days we were faced with the threat of the most disastrous storm to hit our city in years. Trees were uprooted, homes were flooded, and businesses were destroyed.

JPL University: A Great Education, No Tuition!

“Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries.”  – Anne Herbert

The economy may be unsteady, but the library is constant. When times are hard, but you still need to keep moving forward, that’s when libraries offer the most.

Banned Books Week - Exercise Your Freedom to Read

Banned Books Week.  Why do libraries celebrate it every year?  It's about the freedom to read.  Every American has the right to read what he or she wants to.  In this day and age, censorship can run down a slippery slope.  In other words, if one book is banned, why not another?  And another?  Soon, banning books and other forms of censorship would run amok in our society.  The rights guaranteed to us under the 1st Amendment are part of what makes America great.

Why Google Will Never Replace Libraries

It seems like every year libraries across the country are faced with the daunting task of justifying their need for existence. There’s a misconception by some that because of Google, libraries are no longer relevant.

That couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, when we hear that position we simply remind people that libraries have one thing that Google doesn’t have --librarians.

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