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Have You Seen Kamiyah? - Eileen Kelley + Gary Mills

Hurley in the podcast studio with Eileen Kelley, Gary Mills and Jenna Hassell

Eileen Kelley is an investigative reporter for the Florida Times-Union. She and Gary Mills produced the podcast, Have You Seen Kamiyah?, telling the story of the 5-hour-old baby taken from a Jacksonville hospital in 1998. Eileen tells us about the emotional journey she went through to retell this tragic story on it's 20th anniversary. 

Children for Sale - Author Kristina McMorris

Hurley and Jenna with Author Kristina McMorris holding her new bookKristina McMorris is a New York Times and USA Today best-selling author published by Sourcebooks Landmark, Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, and Kensington Books. She stopped by our Pablo Creek Regional Library on her 50-stop book tour to discuss her latest novel Sold On a Monday.

Sold On a Monday was inspired by an actual newspaper photograph of four children sitting on a stoop by a sign that reads "Children for Sale. Inquire within." Kristina tells how she came to befriend one of the children in the original photo and all about her love for historical fiction.

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Let's Talk About Poop - Poozeum

Jenna and hurley with George in the map room holding his coproliteThat's right. We're talking about poop on Completely Booked this week. Fossilized poop that is, or Coprolite, as the fancy pants say. We prefer just good ole poo though. George Frandsen is the creator of the Poozeum, and the owner of the largest fossilized poop collection in the world. He is very passionate about his poop and hopes to one day own the largest piece of fossilized poop in the world. We are hoping that dream comes true for him!

Tropical Shirts and Tight Deadlines - Tim Dorsey

Bryan, Hurley and Jenna holding Tim Dorsey's books while posing with author Tim DorseyJenna and Hurley go live with author Tim Dorsey from the Beaches Branch Library. Tim Dorsey is a dark satirical Florida author from Tampa, known for his outrageous serial character Serge A. Storms. Tim takes time before his appearance at the Flamingo Book Club at the Beaches Library to talk about his transition from life as a reporter to writing 23 novels. 

Sisterhood of the Traveling Tales - Angelina + Berkeley

Hurley and Jenna with Angelina and Berkeley in front of a shelf in Children's departmentAngelina (4 years old) and Berkeley (2 years old) are our youngest, and dare we say cutest, guests on Completely Booked thus far. With the help of their mom Erica they are showing the world how to have fun while doing science projects on their Instagram account @ScienceSis. Learn more about their favorite library service, the Traveling Tales. Our Early Childhood Specialist Susan Mankowski tells why the Traveling Tales are a great way to engage kids in learning. 

Are You Ready For Some Football? - Cole Pepper

Cole Pepper in a Heisman pose, Hurley handing Jenna off a book like a football move on the balcony of the main library.The Jags are back baby! Hurley and Jenna talk burgers, bacon, and Jaguars with local sports reporter Cole Pepper. Cole discusses his relationship with Mark Brunell and what it's like to work with Mark after covering his career as a Jag. Cole makes a bold prediction for the season, and gives us his analysis of the "was Myles Jack down" debate.

Alligators on the Roof - Dr. Adam Rosenblatt

Jenna and Hurley with Dr. Adam Rosenblatt sitting on the Alligator couch in the Main Children's Library What happens when you put 400 alligator eggs from Louisiana on a rooftop in Jacksonville, FL? Find out in our interview with Adam Rosenblatt, assistant professor of Biology at the University of North Florida! Dr. Rosenblatt tells Hurley and Jenna all about his recent experiment, as well as his journey toward a lifelong love of alligators.

Island of Misfit Toys - Aysha Miskin

Jenna and Hurley hold Aysha Miskin in front of the Zine Zone at the Main lIbraryThe Zine scene is strong in Jacksonville. It also just so happens the Jacksonville Public Library has the largest Zine Collection in the Southeastern United States! Aysha Miskin is a local artist and co-contributor to the Nickname Zine. She explains zine culture and how creating her own has given her more confidence in herself as an artist. Jenna is inspired to create her own friendship-centered zine. 

Rockbot Studios - Josh Cobb + Producer Bryan's Debut

Hurley and Jenna pretend to sing in the microphones with Josh Cobb in the podcast studio at the main library.Josh Cobb grew up on a dairy farm before moving to Florida and slowly moving his way up the coast to Jacksonville. Josh owns Rockbot Studios right down the street from our Willowbranch Library in Riverside and is a long-time friend of our very own Producer Bryan. Producer Bryan makes his debut on the mic talking about how he met Josh and all of his different bands that have recorded at Rockbot Studios. 

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