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Professional Musician - Kate Caliendo

Kate Caliendo, horn player with the Jacksonville Symphony, at the Main Library in Downtown jacksonville, FL.Kate Caliendo, one of the talented horn musicians with the Jacksonville Symphony, joins us on our show today to talk about her trajectory into classical music, her all-time favorite symphonic pieces, as well as the future of classical music. 

Curious Music - Keith Marks

Keith Marks, founder of Avant, at the Jacksonville Public Library in Downtown jacksonvilleKeith Marks wants us all to get curious. He's the founder of Avant, a nonprofit organization bringing musical acts to the Jacksonville area—many of which the people of Jacksonville have never heard of. He's also the donor of the Jacksonville Public Library's Radical Jewish Music collection, which he tells us all about during our engaging conversation.

Jumbo Shrimp - Owner Ken Babby

Completely booked podcast host, jenna sitting with jacksonville jumbo shrimp owner ken babby in the Jacksonville Public Library studioWe're talking Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp today! Ken Babby is the owner of the Shrimp and the Rubber Ducks, Akron Rubber Ducks. He tells us about his 14 years working for the Washington Post, and what led him to his Minor League Baseball Team ownership.

Duval Folx - GeeXella

DJ, rapper, and LGBTQ+ social justice activist GeeXella at the Main Library in downtown jacksonville, FL.DJ, rapper and queer-identifying social justice warrior GeeXella is on our show today. We discuss Duval Folx, an inclusive dance party they established in 2018, as well as the tragic car accident that shaped their life.

Civil Rights in Jacksonville - Rodney L. Hurst, Sr.

Rodney L. Hurst, Sr., author of It was never about a hot dog and a coke and Unless we tell it, it never gets told. The author was a witness at the historic Axe Handle Saturday massacre in Jacksonville, FL in Hemming Park.We're lucky to have historian Rodney L. Hurst, Sr. on our show today. The author of It was never about a hot dog and a Coke! and Unless WE tell it... it never gets told! shares his account of the historic 1960 Ax Handle Saturday massacre in Jacksonville, FL.

Preserve Your Memories

close-up of microphone with the text preserve your memories at the library

Photo by Gavin Whitner

Record and preserve your memories in the library’s Florida Collection!

Rockbot Studios - Josh Cobb + Producer Bryan's Debut

Hurley and Jenna pretend to sing in the microphones with Josh Cobb in the podcast studio at the main library.Josh Cobb grew up on a dairy farm before moving to Florida and slowly moving his way up the coast to Jacksonville. Josh owns Rockbot Studios right down the street from our Willowbranch Library in Riverside and is a long-time friend of our very own Producer Bryan. Producer Bryan makes his debut on the mic talking about how he met Josh and all of his different bands that have recorded at Rockbot Studios. 

There and Back Again: Ways to Stay Sane While You Travel

Updated December 2017

December looms and in a few days we’ll kick off the holiday season! This means presents, golden coins and lots of family time. It also means planes, trains, and automobiles traversing cross the country. For long car rides and hours waiting in the airport we’ve got some tips, tricks, and free resources to keep you occupied!

Stay Hydrated!

11th Annual Teen Battle of the Bands

In the 11th year of the Teen Battle of the Bands competition, the Jacksonville Public Library is taking it to the next level. This year’s competition will feature the same live show in Hemming Park, but if you want to play in the big league, you have to please the fans first. Not only do the contestants have to battle it out on the live stage, they have to first be chosen through an online voting process by fans. Bands will submit a video of their band playing via YouTube, then the videos will go up on the I Love JPL blog for fans to vote for their favorite.

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