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Lit Chat: Online Author Talk With Larry Tye

Lit Chat With Larry Tye

Bestselling author Larry Tye joins our Lit Chat series on Wednesday, August 19, 2020. He will be discussing his new book, Demagogue: The Life and Long Shadow of Senator Joseph McCarthy. The book has been described as "A definitive biography of the most dangerous demagogue in American history, based on a first-ever review of his personal and professional papers, medical and military records, and recently unsealed transcripts of his closed-door Congressional hearings."

Lit Chat: Online Author Chat With Libby Copeland

Lit Chat with Libby Copeland

Have you ever wondered what your ancestry search will reveal? If so, join us for a special online author talk with award-winning journalist Libby Copeland and moderator Connie Bradshaw, a professional genealogist and owner of I Dig Your Roots on Tuesday, August 4 at 1 PM. Copeland will discuss how DNA testing has impacted many communities including adoptees, the donor-conceived, and those who didn't start out with questions about their families but found questions posed by their DNA results.

Jacksonville Public Library