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We All Scream For Ice Cream! Ice Cream Books To Help Cool Us Off

National Ice Cream Day

July is National Ice Cream Month and Sunday, July 19th is National Ice Cream Day, which is very convenient because it is so incredibly hot out! Whether you prefer vanilla or chocolate, cone or cup, there is no denying our universal love of this delicious frozen treat. Cool off with these sweet reads for both kids and adults!

Hamilton Read-alikes for Adults and Youth

Hamilton Read Alikes

Finally, we get to see what it’s like in the room where it happens. If you are not already a Hamilton fan, now is the perfect time to get in the loop about why so many people are crazy about the musical, Hamilton. You will immediately be hooked like so many other Hamilfans and come away looking for more.

Fire Up The Grill With 10 Sizzling Reads

National Grilling Month

July is National Grilling Month and every griller’s favorite time of year, so we’re celebrating with 10 books of delicious recipes! From marinated skewers of chicken, tofu or veggies, to thick cut steaks - pretty much everything tastes better after sizzling over a hot grill, even dessert! These books will take your barbie skills to the next level and most of them are available digitally so no need to worry about getting barbecue sauce on the pages.

Top 10 Food Trends And The Cookbooks To Make Them

Top 10 Food Trends and The Cookbooks To Use To Make Them

Here at Jacksonville Public Library we have thousands of cookbooks and many more available in digital form. To access a cookbook on your smartphone or tablet, you don’t even need to enter the library. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, if you know what you want to cook and have a JPL library card, we can loan you a book that can help. 

Books for Father's Day

Books For Father's Day

Books for the Dad in your life! Some titles for father figures to enjoy on this Sunday’s holiday of great importance, Father’s Day! 

10 E-Books To Kickstart Your Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning Books

Now that it is officially Spring, it’s time to start cleaning out your closet, tucking away your winter clothes, and organizing your home. With little to do and a recommendation of staying in, now is the perfect opportunity to use this extra time to make your home shine! To help you kickstart your spring cleaning, we’ve complied a list of 10 e-books that will inspire you to declutter, clean, and revamp your home. 

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