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banned books week

Banned Books Week: Keep the Light On!

Banned Books Week, Keep the Light On, Jacksonville Public Library

Sept. 22 – 28 is Banned Books Week when libraries across the country celebrate the freedom to read. This year’s theme “Censorship Leaves Us in the Dark” urges everyone to “Keep the Light On.” The Office of Intellectual Freedom composes a list of the most challenged books each year. Check out the 2018 list, which includes some popular children's books.

Banned Books

Text of Banned Books overlayed on books that have been banned

Words have power—read a banned book! Each September, the Jacksonville Public Library celebrates First Amendment rights during Banned Books Week. At this time, we encourage readers to pick up books that have been banned or challenged in the United States. 

Banned Books Week - Exercise Your Freedom to Read

Banned Books Week.  Why do libraries celebrate it every year?  It's about the freedom to read.  Every American has the right to read what he or she wants to.  In this day and age, censorship can run down a slippery slope.  In other words, if one book is banned, why not another?  And another?  Soon, banning books and other forms of censorship would run amok in our society.  The rights guaranteed to us under the 1st Amendment are part of what makes America great.

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