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Digitization Station

Reserve the equipment for self-directed use, after watching the introductory videos.  Please check our calendar for guided orientation sessions for more comprehensive training on the equipment.

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Do you have boxes of old photographs in storage?  Home movies on VHS?  Have you ever wanted to transfer them to DVD or share them online?  Preserve your priceless memories and mementos with the Digitization Station in the Main Library’s Special Collections.

The Digitization Station includes the following equipment:

  • Epson Perfection V600 Photo Scanner
  • Carson LL-10 10x LumiLoupe Craft Loupe
  • Carson CV-40 CrystalView Magnifier
  • Bower Digital Slide Duplicator
  • Maxwell VHS-C Adapter
  • Elgato Systems USB Analog Video Capture Device
  • Ion Tape 2 PC USB conversion system
  • Pacific Image ImageBox MF 4-in-1 Slide, Film & Photo Converter
  • Desktop computer with Adobe Photoshop


External storage is necessary to save the files after scanning. A flash drive or memory card of at least 8 GB is recommended. Files can also be saved to Cloud storage such as Google Photos.

Jacksonville Public Library Digitization Station

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