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Completely Booked

Every Monday Completely Booked brings you lively discussions with interesting and inspiring local Jacksonville residents, and the latest happenings at the Jacksonville Public Library.

Finding Your Voice - Anna Claire Hodge

Anna Claire Hodge, Jacksonville Public Library, To Thine Own Self Be Trill, Finding Your Voice, Completely Booked podcast, Jacksonville Podcast

Anna Claire Hodge is a writer based in Jacksonville, Florida, and holds a Ph.D in creative writing from Florida State University. She is also Visiting Instructor of Writing at the University of North Florida. We interviewed Anna-Claire Hodge on the latest episode of Completely Booked about the struggles of being an artist, finding your voice, and figuring out your place in the world.

Buffalo Soldiers Historical Society - Joe Tillman

Buffalo soldiers, veterans day, Buffalo Soldiers Jacksonville, Joe TIllman, Jacksonville Public Library

In honor of Veterans Day, we interviewed Joe Tillman, President of the Buffalo Soldiers Historical Society. We explore the history of African American soldiers, and discuss ways to express appreciation for veterans on this special day.

JaxbyJax Literary Arts Festival - Darlyn and Brad Kuhn

JaxbyJax, Jacksonville Literary festival, Jacksonville public library, local authors, JaxbyJax Jacksonville

Each year JaxbyJax hosts a literary arts festival highlighting Jacksonville stories and settings, and this year one of its main venues is the Main Library! On this week's episode of Completely Booked, we chat with the driving forces behind JaxbyJax, Darlyn and Brad Kuhn, about everything you need to know for the upcoming festival on Saturday, November 16.

PFC Paranormal - Misty Darnell

PFC Paranormal, Jacksonville Public Library, Willowbranch Library, Paranormal Investigation, haunted Jacksonville, Ghost hunters, Completely Booked, Jacksonville Podcast

Halloween is right around the corner, so this episode is a spooky special edition of Completely Booked. We teamed up with PFC Paranormal to investigate the Willowbranch Library. Located in Riverside, the Willowbranch Library opened in 1930, making it the oldest existing library branch in Jacksonville. This episode includes our interview with Misty Darnell, the founder of PFC Paranormal, and one of her team members, Bree– plus a bit of audio from our paranormal investigation.

Jax Cooking Studio - Terri Davlantes

Jax Cooking Studio, Jacksonville Cooking classes, Terri Davlantes, Completely Booked, Jacksonville podcast, Jacksonville Public Library

On this episode we chat with the founder of Jax Cooking Studio, Terri Davlantes. Terri believes that food should enrich your life, so she started Jax Cooking Studio to teach people how to plan and cook hearty, delicious meals that are easy and affordable.

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