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Completely Booked

Every Monday Hurley and Jenna team up to bring you lively discussions with interesting and inspiring local Jacksonville residents, and the latest happenings at the Jacksonville Public Library.

Curious Music - Keith Marks

Keith Marks, founder of Avant, at the Jacksonville Public Library in Downtown jacksonvilleKeith Marks wants us all to get curious. He's the founder of Avant, a nonprofit organization bringing musical acts to the Jacksonville area—many of which the people of Jacksonville have never heard of. He's also the donor of the Jacksonville Public Library's Radical Jewish Music collection, which he tells us all about during our engaging conversation.

Jumbo Shrimp - Owner Ken Babby

Completely booked podcast host, jenna sitting with jacksonville jumbo shrimp owner ken babby in the Jacksonville Public Library studioWe're talking Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp today! Ken Babby is the owner of the Shrimp and the Rubber Ducks, Akron Rubber Ducks. He tells us about his 14 years working for the Washington Post, and what led him to his Minor League Baseball Team ownership.

Down the Hatch - Jessica Hatch

Jessica Hatch, literary editor for Hatch Editorial Services and Hatch Books in Jacksonville, at the Jacksonville Public Library for a podcast interview.Ever wondered what it takes to take a book from manuscript to publication? Literary editor Jessica Hatch of Hatch Editorial Services is here to walk us through the process. How does a book get picked up for trade publishing? What makes a bestseller a bestseller? Find out on this episode!

Goosebumps - R.L. Stine

Completely Booked podcast host Jenna, sitting next to Goosebumps author RL Stine for his interview on the JPL podcastR.L. Stine is on the podcast! Bob (he let us call him Bob) stopped by the Completely Booked studio while he was in Jacksonville for Jax Book Fest on Feb. 23, 2019.

Duval Folx - GeeXella

DJ, rapper, and LGBTQ+ social justice activist GeeXella at the Main Library in downtown jacksonville, FL.DJ, rapper and queer-identifying social justice warrior GeeXella is on our show today. We discuss Duval Folx, an inclusive dance party they established in 2018, as well as the tragic car accident that shaped their life.

Civil Rights in Jacksonville - Rodney L. Hurst, Sr.

Rodney L. Hurst, Sr., author of It was never about a hot dog and a coke and Unless we tell it, it never gets told. The author was a witness at the historic Axe Handle Saturday massacre in Jacksonville, FL in Hemming Park.We're lucky to have historian Rodney L. Hurst, Sr. on our show today. The author of It was never about a hot dog and a Coke! and Unless WE tell it... it never gets told! shares his account of the historic 1960 Ax Handle Saturday massacre in Jacksonville, FL.

WWE Diva - Alicia Fox

Victoria Crawford, or Alicia Fox as she's known in the ring, is on the show today! The Jacksonville native is the longest contracted WWE Diva, or female WWE wrestler, in WWE history. She tells us about her career in the ring, as well as what she has coming up in her life beyond WWE. 

NEW BOOKS 2019! - Jill Haile + Alison McCarty


We love books around here, especially new books. Our resident Librarian Ninjas are telling us what's hot in 2019, and how the library decides which books to buy.

Grow Your Groceries - Nathan Ballentine

Nathan Ballentine, aka the Man in Overalls, is here to save the day... and your dead plants. Nathan is a huge advocate for growing your own groceries, and he offers lots of free resources to help you do it. He also lends his expertise to get your own personal garden started. 

Hurley and Jenna also start a new segment called "Renew or Return," where Producer Bryan asks if they would renew (keep it) or return (didn't like it) different stuff. Check the new theme music, too!

Let's Get STEAMy - William Jackson

Jenna and hurley smiling with william jackson in the ansbacher map room at jacksonville public libraryWilliam has been an educator for 31 years and has a passion for technology and teaching students about STEAM. William is also a proud Educator Cardholder and listener of the Completely Booked podcast. He tells us about his love of educating and why STEAM is so important for children.

Diversity in Children's Books - Dontavious Pittman and Natalie McGriff

WE NEED DIVERSE BOOKS! And our guests on the show today, Dontavious Pittman and Natalie McGriff, both agree. These incredible authors have taken it on themselves to write encouraging and diverse children's book. Natalie wrote her first book when she was just seven years old!

Jax Psycho Geo - Tim Gilmore

Jenna and Hurley smiling with Tim GilmoreAuthor, historian, and local celebrity Tim Gilmore shares some of his favorite memories of writing and researching the sketchy history of our peculiar city. Tim is the author of 17 books, the founder of the JaxbyJax literary festival, and the creator of









Happy Holidays! - Santa Claus

Hurley, Jenna and Bryan sitting next to a fake fire book displayHappy Holidays everyone! Hurley and Jenna are joined by their most famous guest yet ... SANTA! The jolly ole chap gives some crucial advice to kids still trying to make the nice list, and let's in on some of his favorite reads. 

Best Books of 2018!

Some incredible books were released in 2018; Becoming by Michelle Obama, Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi, and so many more! Hurley and Jenna, and several library staff members tell us about their favorites from the year!

Notorious Tearjerkers - StoryCorps with Jacqueline Van Meter

Since 2003, StoryCorps has collected thousands of stories from people all across the United States. The NPR oral history project archives each story in the Library of Congress' American Folklife Center.

We spoke with site manager Jacqueline Van Meter, who's parked the StoryCorps Airstream mobile studio in Memorial Park to collect stories from the people of Jacksonville.

Live from Art Walk - Ties and Knots Exhibit

The latest exhibit in the Jax Makerspace Gallery is called Ties and Knots: Weaving Narratives of Northeast Florida. Hurley and Jenna talk with three of the extremely talented artists—Jefferson Streeter, Traci Mims and Stephanie Cafcules—during the opening reception at downtown Art Walk. They tell us about their processes as an artist and what compelled them to begin working in this notoriously traditional medium.

America's Favorite Book Is ...

This class novel has impacted generations and was voted America’s best-loved novel during The Great American Read. We spoke with Cheryl Goodman, English teacher at Nease High School, about the ways this book stays relevant in the 21st century. Listen on to discover which book won!


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