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Home Activities: 4 years old

Listening & Understanding: Increases knowledge through listening, and follows multi-step directions

Communicating & Speaking: Speech is understood by both familiar and unfamiliar adults and peers; shows increased vocabulary to describe many objects, actions, and events; uses age-appropriate grammar in conversations with increasingly complex phrases and sentences; uses language to express needs and feelings, share experiences, predict outcomes, and resolve problems

Early Reading: shows motivation for reading, shows age-appropriate phonological awareness and alphabetic knowledge, and demonstrates comprehension of text read aloud

Early Writing: shows motivation to engage in written expression; uses scribbling, letter-like shapes, and letters that are clearly different from drawing to represent thoughts; demonstrates age-appropriate ability to write letters

Literacy Activities to Support Development 1

  • Ask your child to draw a picture about a favorite story or character.

  • Play word or letter games using books, like "I Spy" finding letters or objects on the page.

  • Have your child fill in the blank when reading rhyming books, but also play games where you think of as many words as you can that rhyme.

  • Read knock-knock or basic jokes books together. Jokes are a wonderful way to share new vocabulary at this age, and start conversation. They may not understand the jokes at first, but as their vocabulary grows, so will meaning!

Play matching games in your environment. Finding road signs when in the car, food in the grocery store based on your shopping list or coupons, objects that are the same color or start with the same beginning letter sound, etc. 

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