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Home Activities: 3 years old

Listening & Understanding: Listens to and understands spoken language, and shows understanding by following simple directions

Communicating & Speaking: Shows improving expressive communications skills, and shows increased vocabulary

Early Reading: Shows an appreciation and enjoyment of reading, demonstrates a beginning phonological awareness, shows awareness of letters and symbols, and demonstrates comprehension and responds to stories

Early Writing: Begins to use writing, pictures and play to express ideas, and begins making letter-like shapes and scribbles to write

Literacy Activities to Support Development 1

  • While you continue to talk, sing, read, play, and write with your child, let them see you do these things for your own enjoyment.

  • Read your own books, magazines, write grocery lists or notes, etc. and let your child see you in these activities.

  • Select rhyming books and encourage your child to fill in the rhyming word at the end of the sentence.

  • After reading a story, act it out together by playing the parts of the characters in the book.

  • Encourage your child to "read" familiar books aloud to you.

  • When you do read familiar books to your child, pause and let your child finish the sentence in their own words. 

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