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Home Activities: 2 years old

2 years

Listening & Understanding: Gains meaning through listening

Communicating & Speaking: Speaks clearly enough to be understood by most listeners, and participates in conversation

Early Reading: Shows growing interest in print and books, and motivation to “read”

Early Writing: Uses scribbles, marks, and drawings to convey a message, and participates in more complicated imitative play

Literacy Activities to Support Development 1

  • Talk, sing, read, play, and write with your child.

  • Keep your child’s favorite books with their toys, to encourage reading as an enjoyable pastime.

  • You may notice that your child may alternate “reading” on their own with wanting you to read the same book repeatedly.

  • Continue doing all the things listed for toddlers, plus ask more questions about what’s happening in the story or what could come next. “Did the baby bird find her mommy? Where will she look next?”

  • Also when reading familiar books, pause and let your child finish the sentence in their own words.

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