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Word Revolt Art Gallery's Todd and Theresa Rykaczewski on Completely Booked

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"A lot of artists are struggling as it is. I think it's really unfair that we charge them so much, and we really, really, really need to go back to 'Make Art Free. Give Artists a Chance.'" - Todd Rykaczewski


Meet the Faces of Word RevoltTodd and Theresa Rykaczewski, Word Revolt, Word Revolt Art Gallery

Theresa and Todd Rykaczewski are the founders of Word Revolt Art Gallery in Atlantic Beach. It's a non-profit gallery dedicated to hosting free exhibitions and events that benefit artists, charities and the community.

Word Revolt Art Gallery is a platform for artists and creatives with the drive to show their work in a public space. Through grants, donations, hard work and gallery sales, they are able to host monthly exhibitions that display local art work at no cost to the artist.


Todd and Theresa Rykaczewski, Word Revolt, Word Revolt Art Gallery, Masters of RevelsCheck Out Todd's Literary Works

Todd is also a published author whose first book is titled, Word Revolt. We chat with him about the meaning behind this phrase that has become a major part of his life, and about his writing process, literary inspirations and future projects.

Todd and Theresa are incredibly passionate about cultivating the art and literary community in Jacksonville. Word Revolt Art Gallery has helped so many artists get their work out there and build a strong network for people to support local art.


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To find out more about the gallery or to submit work of your own, visit You can also find them on Facebook to see some of the work featured in previous galleries.


Listen to the podcast below:


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Monday, February 10, 2020

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