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What's an E-Library Card

What's An E-library card

You have a ton of time on your hands and are looking for ways to beat the confusion, depression and anxiety that this new world of social distancing can cause. There couldn't be a better time to dig into e-books, digital audiobooks, streaming movies and TV, online courses and all the free stuff from Jacksonville Public Library's digital library. 

You hear that you can get an e-card (or you're hearing it now). "What's that?! Do I need one?! I WANT ONE!!!"

If you answer these questions, you'll know what to do so you can start enjoying all that delicious digital content as soon as possible:

1. Do you live in Duval County?


You're on the right track, go to Question 2


Unfortunately at this time we're not able to process non-resident cards (and there are also some things in our contracts with digital library providers that are based on residence in the county). Stay tuned for any updates, though, as we're always working to find ways to give access wherever it makes sense!

2. Are you a student in a Duval County Public School?


Wonderful! No e-card needed! Your student ID is your library card. You can log on to any library services by using your student ID as your library card and PIN. 


Don't give up hope yet! Go to Question 3.

3. Do you already have a Jacksonville Public Library library card?


Great! You already have access to all the free digital materials and courses the Library offers - no e-card needed! Use your library card number and the PIN you use to log in to your account for access to all digital library services!


Don't pass Go, don't collect $200, go straight to the e-library card application at and get yourself an e-library card!

Get an e-library card

I'm Not Sure.

Ok, no problem. Fill out the e-library card application anyway. Our helpful staff will check it out and if you do have an account they'll get it fixed up for you.

Get an e-library card

What'd We Miss?

What other situations might we have missed? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks so much for reading this. We hope it helps. Stay safe and healthy and smart!


Thursday, March 26, 2020

Jacksonville Public Library