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Oh the places you'll an hour?!

There are plenty of exciting reasons to visit the Main Library downtown, but we know that finding parking can sometimes be a problem - especially with kids. We’ve got your back.  While the library is always free, Monday through Friday you can also get one hour of free parking in the Duval St. Parking Garage when you visit Main. As for weekend events, street parking is always free downtown on Saturday and Sunday, and there are several other parking garages around! An hour may not seem like a lot of time, but we promise it is. There are plenty of things to do at the library on any given day, here’s a list of some of our favorite things to do on our lunch break! Art Exhibits in the Jax Makerspace

  • Check out the latest art exhibit in the Jax Makerspace! Located on the first floor of the Main Library - there is always new art to be found. Currently, you can find the Survive to Thrive: Life Beyond Sexual Violence exhibit up until Oct. 22. While you’re at it, head to the Conference Level for some amazing photography or roam the building for beautiful murals.

Lunch @ the Lounge

  • What could be better than a free live concert during your lunch break? Come join us for our monthly Lunch @ the Lounge in the Lounge at 303 North. Bring your brown bag or grab something to go and join us! Our next event is this Wednesday the 9th at—you guessed it—noon! 

Computer Classes, Guitar Lessons and More

  • Have we mentioned that all of our resources are free, even our computer classes? It’s true! Look in the Jax Makerspace or the first floor Computer Lab for guitar lessons, 3-D printing demos, programming classes and more! Find out when each class will be held by visiting our event calendar

Check out Books, Movies and CDs

  • This may seem obvious, but you just never know what you’ll find on our shelves! Stop by on your Friday lunch to stock up on movies for the weekend. Road trip coming up? Grab some amazing audio-books like Shonda Rhymes' Year of Yes or CDs like Beyonce’s Lemonade to keep your mind occupied! 

Start your Genealogy Search

  • If you’ve always wanted to try out here’s your chance! We have a subscription to the ultimate genealogy service–the only catch? You need your library card and you have to access the database on-site. With the one hour parking deal, you can get started with some cursory research on just what year Uncle Rudolph moved from Albania!

Pick up your 3-D Printed Objects

  • Did you know you can send your 3-D printed design to us and we’ll print it out for you - at a low cost? Well, now you do! Check out our blog for more details. 

  [wpvideo feheKfJi] Join the Children’s Department for Storytime

  • Each week on Friday and Saturday (street parking is free on Saturday and Sunday, too) bring your kids for storytime! Here’s the breakdown: 10 a.m. Stories for Babies, 10:30 a.m. Stories for Young Children, and 11 a.m. Art for Young Children. The stories are only half-an-hour long, which means you have a few minutes to play with Mr. Alligator and check out some books too!

Visit the Ansbacher Map Collection on the 4th Floor

  • We’re not going to say that our 4th floor Map Room is the most Instagram-worthy spot in the city...but it is definitely in the top five. The collection of vintage maps features Old Florida and more. Oh, and if you are going to take a selfie, make sure you tag us! We're @jaxlibrary on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Printer on the Fritz? Use Ours!

  • Same with your laptop that just won’t turn on. Simply use your library card to log on to one of the many computers on the 4th floor and print your boarding pass, that important form that needs your signature right now, etc. You can even send a print job remotely and then print it out at the Main Library - you'll have plenty of time to check out a few books too!

Take a Break Outside by the Fountain in the Betsy Lovett Courtyard

  • Relax at one of our cafe tables and enjoy the melodic sounds of our beautiful fountain. Read a book, enjoy your lunch, meditate, catch up on email - whatever you need, we’re here for you!

  How to Get that Free Hour It’s pretty easy to get your one hour of free parking, too. Simply park in the Duval St. Parking Garage and bring the garage ticket into the library with you. Once you have finished up with your chosen library activities, present your garage ticket to the Circulation Desk staff, they'll stamp it, and you're good to go! Don’t forget to share your library experience with us on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram–who knows? We might just repost it!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

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