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There and Back Again: Ways to Stay Sane While You Travel

Updated December 2017

December looms and in a few days we’ll kick off the holiday season! This means presents, golden coins and lots of family time. It also means planes, trains, and automobiles traversing cross the country. For long car rides and hours waiting in the airport we’ve got some tips, tricks, and free resources to keep you occupied!

Stay Hydrated!

Bring an empty water bottle that you can refill. If you are into the reusable, grab your bottle that has a filter in it. It makes for a ridiculously cheap and constantly refreshing beverage that isn’t far away. Wherever your destination may be, keeping hydrated will help you feel the best you possibly can upon your arrival. It may even help you avoid comments from well-meaning family members who remark that you look “tired.”  Make sure it’s one with a secure top for leak-free, worry-free sipping. You don’t want to find out that your book is soaked!


Whether they are Beats by Dre, an economical set from the dollar store or somewhere in between, you’ll need them. Use them to distract your children from asking “Are we there yet?”.  Use a pair to fall asleep to the music of your choice. The best use? Headphones are an immediate buffer between you and your seatmate who won’t stop talking!

Prepare to be Entertained!

While some airlines have kindly begun to make media like TV and movies on flights free, not all do. But who needs 'em? We can take care of ourselves, right? Right! Here are a couple of different ways to distract yourself (and your kids) using free and easily accessible online library resources! Just don’t forget those headphones!


Hoopla features audiobooks, graphic novels and eBooks. Thinking longingly about checking out some Doctor Strange comics? Now, it’s at your fingertips and you have no excuse! Heck, we even provide a quick start guide for easy usage!


Overdrive is a great online service for e-books, audiobooks and videos. With Overdrive you can search for books through their platform!

A Physical Book:

Now, this may seem like a no-brainer, but when was the last time you had more than 30 minutes of uninterrupted time to yourself? Time to relax without your phone going off, or email/social media messages terrorizing your relaxation time? Well, now’s your chance, anticipate and react accordingly. Feel free to put something on hold and then drop by your location to pick it up when you are ready!Not sure what to read? Get personalized suggestions here!

Magazine Mavens:

This one is for the magazine mavens! Ready to catch up on the glossy spreads of National Geographic?  Your teen worried because they skipped the last issue of Teen Vogue? Flipster and RB Digital are here to save the day! Easy access, online, to hundreds of magazines, all at your fingertips with your library card!

Snack Power 

Don’t rely on the fact that you’ll be able to find something easy to pick up at the airport. Remember that 3-hour layover? Due to “weather” and “unforeseen engine maintenance” it has now turned into a 15-minute hustle across the airport. Providing you zero grace period for grabbing a bagel and coffee!  Treat yourself like a child, and come prepared! Make sure you have some healthy snacks. Carrot sticks anyone? Then, bring something to reward yourself with for answering all those emails on your vacation. And you did it all while sitting on the floor, camped out next to the only power outlet within 50 yards of your gate. You deserve that chocolate-y, rich brownie!!

Above all, stay safe and travel well, friends. We’ll see you when you get back!



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