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Talking Books Debuted at the Jacksonville Public Library in 1975

Times Union Archive Collection, Talking Books, Jacksonville Public Library


White Cane Day

October 15 is White Cane Day— a day to recognize the many achievements of blind and visually impaired citizens and the white cane as a tool promoting independent travel. To honor White Cane Day, our librarians found an article from the Florida Times-Union Editorial Archives documenting the introduction of Talking Books to the Jacksonville Public Library.


The Debut of Talking Books

Talking Books debuted at the Jacksonville Public Library on June 5, 1975. The Talking Books Library loans audiobooks and magazines, along with a player, free by mail to persons who have difficulty reading or using printed books and other materials because of blindness, or visual, physical or reading disabilities. Talking Books are full length, unabridged books on digital cartridges or in Braille available for loan to eligible readers of all ages and interests, beginning with pre‑school.

In 1975, the collection started with 4,000 Talking Books. Now, the collection has grown to over 117,000. The Talking Books collection includes current bestsellers, romance and mystery novels, literary fiction, non‑fiction such as science and history, print/Braille books for young readers and over 70 current magazine subscriptions.

For more information about Talking Books and to view the eligibility requirements, click here.


Tuesday, October 15, 2019

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