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Supercharged Stories: The Boo Boos that Changed the World

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KABOOOOOOOM! You're now an honorary children's librarian! Time for you to employ Supercharged Stories: fully-packed programs for kids age 5 - 12 that jump off from a great book into all kinds of fun and engrossing activities and challenges. 

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Supercharged Stories: The Boo Boos that Changed the World


Today's Supercharged Story features The Boo Boos that Changed the World, by Barry Wittenenstein, illustrated by Jacksonville native Chris Hsu. Thank Chris for giving us the book to use, and let us know how your kids enjoy this program with you at the helm!

When you cut yourself, what’s the first thing you do? Reach for a Band-Aid, right? Before the 1920s, Band-Aids did not exist. Did you know that it was invented by accident? Click the book cover below to read more about the invention of this everyday object.

The Boo Boos that Changed the World



Do you think Earle and Josephine expected to change the world? Why or why not?

Why weren’t Band-Aids successful right away? What would life be like without Band-Aids?



Make your own Band-Aid

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands!, of Band-Aid designs. Invent one more! Draw the shape of a Band-Aid and decorate in a style you’d be proud to wear.



What everyday problem do you think you could solve? Think of the problem and write about the solution you would invent.



Band-Aid Tag

In this game, everyone can tag and be tagged! Once you are tagged, you must place your hand at the place you were touched. Keep playing! If you are tagged 3 times, you are frozen and must stand still until you are tagged again to be brought back into play!



For more activities, visit BlueSlip Media and download the curriculum guide for The Boo Boos That Changed the World and many other great books!

Curriculum Guide: The Boo Boos that Changed the World


Read about other inventors and inventions on Hoopla Digital, free with your library card:

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Jacksonville Public Library