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Storytime at Home: Opposnakes

Storytime at Home: Opposnakes


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Storytime at Home: Opposnakes





by Salina Yoon

Opposites are a fun way for children to increase their vocabulary and sharpen other pre-literacy skills like comparing things and describing things (building adjectives, adverbs, prepositions and more). 

And what's more fun than snakes?

Read along with Ms. Joanna as she reads Opposnakes by Salina Yoon and visit for the full set of activities that go along with the Storytime at Home for this book.

Thanks to Simon & Schuster for giving us permission to read this and many other books for Storytime at Home!

Storytime at Home: Opposnakes 




Wave Your Snake Waving scarves

For this song you will need a scarf.

Pretend that your scarf is a snake. If you don’t have a scarf you can use a sock, tissue paper, dish towel, dryer sheet or any other item you have at home that you can wave in the air.

Sing Wave Your Snake to the tune of London Bridge is Falling Down and use your “snake” to act out the opposites in the song. 


Wave Your Snake

(Tune: London Bridge is Falling Down

Wave your snake up and down, 

Up and down, up and down.

Wave your snake up and down,

Wave your snake.


Additional Verses:

Wave your snake left and right…

Wave your snake fast and slow…

Wave your snake high and low…





Imagine that you are a snake.

  • Talk about some of the opposites from our story and use your body to pretend to be a snake.
  • What other opposites can you think of together?
  • For older children, parents can say a word and children can respond back with the opposite. For example, the parent will say, “day” and the child will respond with “night”.

Opposnakes opposites to act out:

  • Straight/tangled
  • Skinny/plump 
  • Quiet/loud (hiss like a snake)
  • Slow/fast 

Other ideas: 

  • Happy/sad
  • Big/small 
  • Long/short
  • Soft/hard 
  • Over/under
  • In/out
  • On/off 





S is for snake

S is for Snake

Snake starts with the letter S. 

  • Print or draw a letter S on a piece of paper. 
  • Color or paint your snake by using the letter S as its shape.
  • Don’t forget to give your snake a special name! Can you think of a name for your snake that starts with the letter S?
  • Use your hands to practice this fingerplay together. Fingerplays are a great way to practice pre-writing skills!





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