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Storytime at Home: Opposites

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You've been dubbed an honorary children's librarian! Here's everything you need to host your own storytime at home for ages birth to five. Feel free to send us any cute pics or videos at

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Have a blast!  

Sing-Along Stories: Opposites



Read along with Ms. Sherrie. Today's book is Big Bear, Small Bear by Karma Wilson. Thanks to New York Times Bestselling author Karma Wilson for giving us permission to use this book! Visit Karma on her website where you can learn more about her and more importantly BUY HER BOOKS!

Ms Sherrie reads Big Bear, Small Bear by Karma Wilson for Storytime at Home



Warm up your bodies and minds with Ms Susan as we play Snow Snail, Fast Mouse together!

Storytime at Home video with Ms. Susan playing Slow Snail, Fast Mouse


Slow Snail, Fast Mouse (To the tune of Oh My Darling Clementine)

Slowly slowly

Very slowly

Creeps the garden snail

Slowly slowly

Very slowly

Up the yellow rail

Quickly quickly

Very quickly

Runs the little squeaky mouse

Quickly quickly very quickly

Right inside his little house!



Sing This is Big with Ms. Alison and Mr. Joe. Can you say HELLOOOOOOOOO, MR. JOE?!

Storytime at Home: This Is Big rhyme and sing with Ms. Alison

Storytime at Home video with Mr Joe singing This Is Big

This is BIG

This is big big big

This is small small small

This is short short short

This is tall tall tall

This is fast fast fast

This is slow slow slow

This is yes yes yes

This is no no no



Make an opposites obstacle course around your house! Go OVER a chair and UNDER a table and to the RIGHT and then the LEFT...

Use painter's tape to help your kids follow the path.



If you have kids who are a little older, try playing Opposites Simon Says!

Simon says... sit still (wiggle!),

Simon says... be loud (be quiet!), etc.

This is surprisingly hard and can be really funny!



Read (and sing!) more song books using Hoopla Digital, free from the library with your library card---all books are no-lines, no-waiting!




Thursday, March 19, 2020

Jacksonville Public Library