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Storytime DIY: Mind Magic

Mind Magic

Are you ready to get your hands [safely] dirty?

Honorary children's librarians (that's YOU!): get ready for Storytime DIY. This do-it-yourself afternoon is a great way to make a book come to life with hands-on crafts, cooking, science and more.

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Mind Magic




Mind MagicMind Magic

by Mike Lane

Abracadabra! Poof!

Can your kids make the family oooh and ahhh in amazement? If so, have them take the Magician’s Pledge and learn some cool magic tricks to keep up their sleeves.

This book will teach your kids some of the world’s best tricks like the Phantom Touch, Number Crunch, and the Chosen One.

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Talk about these questions with your kids as you read the book.

  • Is magic real or fake? Why do you think this?
  • Have you ever seen any magic tricks that you cannot figure out how it was done?
  • Have you ever figured out a magic trick that was done?
  • What is your favorite magic trick from this book?




Your Own Magic Trick!Boy dressed like Harry Potter

Magic tricks are all about optical illusions. In other words, people believe what they see. 

Find any object and use it to design a magic trick that would make others see what you want them to see. 

What did you make? Share it with us on Facebook or Instagram or send us an email with a picture of your project to and we might share it with our fans!




Superhero Magician

Magic tricks are all about fooling people in a fun, harmless way.

So, can magic tricks be used to help others too?

Write a cool story about a superhero magician that helps or saves others by using magic.




Magic ShowGirl doing magic

Try out some of the magic tricks in this book or from other books in this series (see the read-alikes below). Ooooh and aaaah your family and neighbors with the tricks you’ve learned in your own magic show.

But remember, you must keep your magician’s pledge!




Build your magic show and street magic with the rest of the books in the Miraculous Magic Tricks collection:


Wednesday, May 6, 2020

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