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So You Think You Can Tech: Is Your Tech Ready For Hurricane Season?

Tech Tuesday with Jacksonville Public Library

#TechTuesday with E-Services

Hurricane Season 2020 - 2021 is already under way. The typical season begins June 1 and runs through November 30.   

The City of Jacksonville publishes a Preparedness and Response Guide each year to help its citizens prepare for the season as best as they can. You can find a PDF version in English and Spanish, or a text version to translate into other languages, on the Jax Ready Guide home page.  

You can also get up-to-the-minute information from JaxReady by following @JaxReady on Facebook or Twitter or by downloading the JaxReady app on your Apple or Android devices. For national updates, FEMA has its own app available along with the options to sign up for text messages.  


What you need to know 

It is important to know if you live in an evacuation zone and which one. These zones can change so be sure to check out this year’s map to know your zone. If you do not know your zone you can look it up by entering in your address here. If you have the JaxReady app, it will tell you the evacuation zone at your current location. 


How should I prepare my tech for a storm?  

First check all batteries and charge/replace any that need it before the storm. Make sure all devices are charged before the storm in case of power outage. Try not to use your tech except in case of emergency, and turn your tech off or put it in airplane mode when you’re not actively using it to preserve your battery life. 

If you have battery-operated tech, make sure you have spare batteries handy. A battery-operated weather radio will be extremely useful if your other electronics fail during the storm. 

If you have rechargeable tech (like your phone or tablet), consider investing in a portable device charger that will let you charge your phone at least once or twice during a potential power outage, and make sure that you have it fully charged before the storm. You may be able to use a car charger to recharge your devices, but don’t rely on it – you don’t want to drain your car’s battery or gas reserves. 

Check out FEMA’s recommendations for tech preparation at Get Tech Ready.  


Important Announcement! Now Offering Free Virtual Computer Classes

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Meet the Author

Shannon Lents is a fun-loving, tech-savvy, photographer & graphic artist who loves to help others and read. You will either find her in one of the Jacksonville Public Library branches in her role as an E-specialist working with the public or spending time with her family and friends. She enjoys being outdoors on or near the water and enjoys a good book, movie and TV show.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

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