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SELF-e for Self Publishing

As a new author, it can be difficult to get discovered. Until you find your audience, that is. That’s exactly what local author, Daniel Powell, found by submitting his e-books to the self-publishing platform,

SELF-e is a collaboration between Library Journal and Biblioboard that gives authors the opportunity to expose their e-books to more readers via the public library, as well as, nationwide. There is no cost for authors to submit their e-books to SELF-e. Once an author submits their e-book through a simple online form, it will be up for approval to be available to libraries in their state in a module with e-books from other local indie authors. Once accepted to the local collection, it will automatically be reviewed by Library Journal for possible inclusion in a curated, national product.“Submitting to SELF-e was fairly seamless. The software is user-friendly and the team vetting the books got back to me within a few weeks.  It wasn’t a time-consuming process at all,” Powell said about his experience with SELF-e.

Not only did all four of Powell’s titles get selected to be in the local and Florida collections in Biblioboard, Library Journal reviewed them and accepted them into the National Collection. This means that Powell’s four e-books can be read by indie book lovers all over the world. Powell says this national exposure has increased his fan interaction through social media and email inquiries about his work.  Powell said he is currently working on a horror novel that he hopes will be complete by the end of August and has since sold a few short stories.

Powell is also a devoted patron of the Jacksonville Public Library, admitting that he wrote a draft of one of his first novels in a study room at the Southeast library location. He and his family frequent the Regency and University library locations in addition to Southeast. “Libraries are, and always have been, a pillar of healthy communities,” Powell said when asked about his connection to the library.

Self-publishing is becoming a more and more popular method of gaining exposure as a new author, but is it for you? Self-publishing with SELF-e might be for you if you fit one or more of these categories: You’ve written your first book but are still an unknown author. You’ve self-published a few book but want to expand your reach. You are a traditionally published author with electronic rights to some or all of your books. You are a prolific author who serializes your work freely and then publishes the full collection for purchase or if you want to make money selling your e-books.

We love to hear the success stories of our community members and would love for you to have the success that Daniel has had by self-publishing with SELF-e. It really is just as simple as registering and submitting! Visit our website for more information on how to be a self-published author and you might be the next local author on the Library Journal national collection list.


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