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Remembering Dora, Preparing for Dorian

Hurricane Dora, Jacksonville Hurricane, Man Running in Hurricane, Hurricane Dorian


55 years ago, Hurricane Dora battered the coast of Northeast Florida and dismantled the myth that Jacksonville was immune to the wrath of hurricanes. A lot has changed since 1964, so here are some things to consider as we prepare for Hurricane Dorian.



Hurricane Dora, Jacksonville Hurricane, Dora Quickly Ended a Local Myth, Florida Times Union Article, Hurricane Dorian Prep
"Dora Quickly Ended Local Myth." From the Florida Times-Union Editorial Archive Collection

Jacksonville's First Hit

September 9, 1964 marked the first time in recorded history that Jacksonville was directly hit by a major hurricane. While the storm was disastrous and resulted in nearly $280 million in damage, much of the devastation was a result of poor emergency planning. The power was out for weeks in some areas, sewage backed up, streets collapsed, and the biggest debris clean-up since the Great Fire of 1901 was left behind. Hurricane Dora prompted a government reform in Jacksonville that led to the systems we have today in order to prevent similar circumstances from happening again.



Hurricane Dora, Jacksonville Hurricane, St. Augustine Beach, Huge Waves Pound a beachfront hotel as Hurricane Dora's fury is felt 9/9
St. Augustine Beach - Huge waves pound a beachfront hotel as Hurricane Dora's fury is felt 9/9. From the Florida Times-Union Editorial Archive Collection

Preparing for Hurricanes in 2019

We've since become accustomed to the imminent threat of hurricanes here in Jacksonville. Once a hurricane is detected, it's best to start preparing immediately. Stock your home with at least seven days worth of supplies including food, water, batteries, medicine, etc. Follow the City of Jacksonville's Emergency Preparedness Updates and download the JaxReady App for the most up-to-date information straight to your phone. Be sure to review your evacuation zone and have a plan for you and your family if a mandatory evacuation is issued. Read the full Emergency Preparedness Guide Here.



Hurricane Dora, Jacksonville Hurricane, Main Street Bridge, Florida Times Union Article, Hurricane Dorian Prep
Hurricane Dora - The St. Johns River floods the municipal parking lot with the Main Street bridge in the background. From the Florida Times-Union Editorial Archive Collection


After the Essentials 

Safety is paramount in emergency situations such as hurricanes, but once the essentials are checked off the list– it can't hurt to prepare some entertainment-oriented materials for hunkering down in the storm. While the power is on, you can access tons of movies, e-books, audiobooks, music, and magazines from our digital collection using your Jacksonville Public Library card. If and when the power goes out, books will still be there. So stock up on some books from your local library before the storm and stay safe, everyone!



Hurricane Dora, Jacksonville Hurricane, Jax Beach, President Lyndon B. Johnson, Florida Times Union Article, Hurricane Dorian Prep
Group of teenagers greet President Lyndon B. Johnson at 2615 Ocean Drive - Jax Beach. From the Florida Times-Union Editorial Archive Collection


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