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You’re never too old, or too young to learn new technology.

When Ruth Capistrano, a recent college graduate with a degree in psychology, made it her goal to learn all she could about MS Excel to beef up her resume she wasn’t expecting to discover new tips and tricks for email. But that’s what happened as a result of her earning three Computer and Technology Certificates of Completion from the Jacksonville Public Library e-services department. A real go-getter, Ruth took a total of 30 classes in just six weeks spread out at all 21 library branches

Darlene Oliphant is another proud holder of a Certificate of Completion. “I am excited,” said Oliphant. “I am 75 years old, and it is nice to know I can still accomplish something.”

Darlene Oliphant and her certificate of completion.

Millennials to baby boomers are turning to the Jacksonville Public Library to brush up on, start from scratch to learn basics, or advanced computer skills. And many of them are taking advantage of the new Computer and Technology Certificate of Completion programs to get more in-depth knowledge and skills in a particular area. There are three tracks of study: Basic Computer Literacy, MS Office 2010 Basics, and Digital Media and Design Basics. Participants who complete the required classes in the chosen track within six months receive a certificate of completion. Download the computer class catalog for all the details.

E-library Services Manager, Eric Soriano, touts the benefits of the computer classes saying “they are free and focus on practical skills customers may find valuable when preparing for the workforce, going back to school, for personal pleasure, or for just brushing up on their skills.”

Jocelyn Maullon, who received the MS Office 2010 Basics Certificate, agrees. “I am so grateful that you have these free classes. I am planning to go back to the workforce after four years and your classes are perfect for me to learn the latest office programs. Thank you very much!”

Capistrano learned about the certificate program by chance when she was checking her library account online and saw information for a computer class. She visited her neighborhood library, picked up a computer class catalog, and started attending classes. Her favorites were the coding classes. Ruth was also pleased to learn new skills in the classes with topics she thought she knew a lot about such as Microsoft PowerPoint.

Ruth Capistrano with her computer class log and                  her certificate of completion.

Since the Certificate of Completion tracks were launched in October2016, two people have received certificates for all three tracks and five others have received certificates for one track. Many more are in the process.

You can start learning something new too! You won’t be alone on your journey. Trained and professional e-library specialists conduct classes and hold one-on-one tutorials for customers needing or wanting to keep up with our technological times. John Ledyard, another recent Certificate of Completion holder, was “impressed by the skill and dedication of all the instructors and said they were all very helpful.”

Even if you don’t want to pursue a Certificate of Completion, you’ll find a tech topic that interests you. With over 60 classes (many in Spanish), from Intro to Keyboarding to Coding with Python, there are many options for teens and older. Some classes are especially for 50-plus aged customers. Search our website for class information and schedules or download the class catalog. Happy learning!



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