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Nick Offerman Explains the Importance of Libraries in the Age of the Internet

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If you haven't seen the recent promotional video titled "Elders of the Internet" from the Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS), you must.

In a futuristic "Secret Internet Headquarters" Nick Offerman appears dressed as the Wizard of the World Wide Web. He summons the Elders of the Internet (including avatar representations of social media, fake news, and search engines) to discuss a crucial matter at hand: libraries are more powerful than the internet.

While the premise of this video is fictional, Nick Offerman's character provides some very factual information that proves why libraries are more important than ever in the digital age. Bravo to RAILS for such a creative concept and timely release of the video during National Library Lover's Month. If you love libraries and/or Nick Offerman, we highly recommend checking it out.

Watch the "Elders of the Internet" below:



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Friday, February 21, 2020

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