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New Year, New App

Our new Jacksonville Public Library App has arrived and we’re pretty excited to share it with you. The app takes ease of access to our materials and pushes it to the max. Find it in the Apple Store and the Google Play Store and start getting all the materials you love all in one place.

Read on as we share some of our staff’s favorite features of the new app, consider it a guide if you will! Once you’ve logged in with your library card you’re all set up to explore it on your own!


E-Library Card: Once you’ve input your library card and pin number it will be saved for future use! If you are always losing your library card—or hate having one more physical card in your wallet—then this feature is for you. Access the barcode on your phone which makes checkout a breeze—no more digging around in your bag to find your card.


Catalog Search with Integrated Digital Collection: Search once, find every copy we have in the system. That includes on-demand audiobooks and e-books for instant listening and reading. One more time for the people in the back, audiobooks are just like reading a book, so yes, you can count that towards your reading goal for the year!

Putting Materials on Hold:  How many times has a friend told you about an amazing new read and you want it, NEED it, like, right now. This works for all materials but we’re here to represent physical book readers too. Find out which branch has a copy closest to you, or put a hold on it and pick it up when it gets to your branch of choice!

Event Search: Storytimes for kids, computer classes and more. Find out when these events are at a branch close to you by doing an events search with ease.

Renew Books: When it’s this easy to renew, you won’t have to worry about late fees ever again! One click to renew and you’re done - we can hear that sigh of relief.

The Jacksonville Public Library app is available to download in the Apple and Google Play Store and is totally free.  With all these amazing features from our app don’t forget to come visit us in the branch, we have lots of amazing resources to help you accomplish your goal!

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