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May Staff Picks

Each month we feature a series of books chosen by our fabulous staff. Once a week our literary mavens will be featured on our social media channels. At the end of every month we compile them for you right here; that way you won’t miss a single book! These choices are some of their favorite books and authors, or reads they need to share with others.


We're mixing it up with our #JPLPicks this week! Did you know we have a large collection of magazines to choose from? Theresa from UPK recommends you read any magazine, but chose to highlight Fortune! You can find a selection online by visiting Zino and Flipster.


Our #JPLPicks comes from Darlene, a Sci-Fi fan at the Beaches branch! She recommends “Mentats of Dune” by Brian Herbert because “Sci-fi readers will enjoy the latest book in the Dune series. Brian Herbert was able to pick up where his father left off!"


"The Time Traveler's Wife" by Audrey Niffenegger is our #JPLPicks of the week. Nicole, from PCR recommends it because, "It was an easy read that captivated me. Once you start, you won't want to stop, I was sad to see the end!"


Our #JPLPicks takes a personal approach to history this week with Caroline from Main. "I love "Liberty's Daughters" because I am really interested in early American history. Mary Beth Norton goes into really specific details about the lives of some of the most famous women of that period. It's sometimes hard to see historical figures as regular people with emotions and interests because they're so distant from us in time, but this book brings them closer and makes them seem more real."


In honor of Comic Con this weekend our #JPLPicks is graphic novel "Level Up" by Gene Lurn Yang. This pick comes Anjelica, Teen Staff at Main!


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