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June Staff Picks

Each month we feature a series of books chosen by our fabulous staff, and this month our patrons too! At the end of every month we compile them for you right here; that way you won’t miss a single book! These choices are favored books and authors, or reads that just need to be shared with others. Pick up your next summer read and share it with us!

Our #JPLPicks comes from one of our avid elementary school readers this week! She recently completed her School Reading Goal, thanks to her favorite branch, Pablo Creek. Her favorite series is "The Boxcar Children", she said that she “stays up reading past bedtime, because she can’t wait to see what happens next!”

Our #JPLPicks this week comes from our recent partnership with The Sockateur! Model @wipanthex chose "The Stranger" by Albert Camus. He said "The Stranger" "appears simple and concise but after further consideration reveals deeper meaning concerning the challenges of becoming a genuine human being. The message I took, despite the thoughts and actions of the protagonist, is that there is meaning to life." Thanks for the book recommendation, @wipanthex!

Theresa from the Beaches branch recommends “Charlotte’s Web” by E.B. White for our #JPLPicks. She says, “I learn something new every time I read it, and it speaks to my soul.”

Our last June #JPLPicks comes from The Sockateur himself! Music buffs he’s talking to you, he recommends, “The Symphony: A Listeners Guide by Michael Steinberg.” This book reveals the backstory of some of the greatest Symphonic music ever composed as well as learning more of the personalities of the composers. It totally changes the way you hear a Beethoven Symphony.”

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