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July Staff Picks

Each month we feature a series of books chosen by our fabulous staff. Once a week our literary mavens will be featured on our social media channels. At the end of every month we compile them for you right here; that way you won’t miss a single book! These choices are some of their favorite books and authors or reads they need to share with others.

Nicole from the Beaches branch recommends “Tops and Bottoms” by Janet Stevens for her #JPLPicks. “This is a fun trickster tale of beating hardship by using one’s wits. The illustrations are beautiful too!”


"I remember reading the Ramona books with my mom as a kid. When I was very little she would read them to me, and as I got older, I re-read them myself. Ramona and her family seemed like so much fun and the illustrations while simple black-and-white, were always touching and conveyed what was going on in the book. Beverly Cleary is a classic writer and Ramona is such a great, timeless character!” Tristan from PCR is all about Ramona Quimby for her #JPLPicks.


Elizabeth from PCR recommends “The All-Girl Filling Station's Last Reunion : A Novel” by Fannie Flagg for her #JPLPicks. “This inspiring story focuses on women’s resilience during WWII and is a lighthearted and fun read.”

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