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JAX Film Bar Mondays - Tim Driscoll on Completely Booked

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Makin' Movies in Jax

Tim Driscoll is a film producer in Jacksonville and has been a major force in cultivating the local film community. He’s the program director for the Jacksonville Film Festival and has produced countless projects, including his most recent dark comedy feature film shot entirely in Jacksonville called Teardrop Goodbye: With Mandatory Directorial Commentary from Remy Von Trout.


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A Conversation with Tim Driscoll

On this week's episode of Completely Booked, Tim joins us to chat about JAX Film Bar Mondays. It's a group that brings together Jacksonville’s film-making community weekly in a casual mix of producers, actors, directors, writers, and technical experts. JAX Film Bar Mondays strives to be a non-pretentious, open-to-all environment for people who want to make connections in the film realm, from novices to professionals. Check out the podcast below:



Get involved with JAX Film Bar Mondays

Jax Film Bar Mondays has led to amazing projects being made right here in Jacksonville. They also come up with creative challenges throughout the year that help to inspire filmmakers to get out there and make something. Tim tells us about all of this and more in our interview. If you’d like to get involved with Jax Film Bar Mondays, you can find them on Facebook, or visit their website at 

To watch some cinematic masterpieces at home for free (including Memento and  Moonlight, two of Tim's favorite films he mentioned in the interview) create a Kanopy account using your Jacksonville Public Library card. Visit to sign up. 


Mirror Mirror from Tim Driscoll on Vimeo.


Meet the Author

Gabby LoSchiavo, Gabrielle LoSchiavo, Jacksonville Public Library, BlogGabrielle LoSchiavo is a media specialist at Jacksonville Public Library. When she's not creating library content, you can most likely find her writing short stories, playing guitar, or binging horror films. She is also a co-host for Completely Booked, the official podcst of the Jacksonville Public Library.


Monday, January 6, 2020

Jacksonville Public Library