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  Alex Bishop here from the Teen Department at the Main Branch of the Jacksonville Public Library! I work with teens ages 12 – 18 in the Teen Room located on the ground floor near Jax Makerspace. Teens don't always want our help, but one of the most common issues teens come to me with are questions on homework help and applying for jobs. Math is Hard My coworkers and I assist these inquisitive teens as much as we can, but sometimes we have to admit we’re out of our depth—especially when it comes to math. That’s when Brainfuse comes in and saves the day! The Brainfuse database features homework and job help tools that are available 24/7 through our website here at the library or at home—which makes it the perfect resource for the night before a test. It’s one of the many reasons we appreciate the resources JPL offers our patrons!

Brainfuse’s real-world application helps young adults and adult learners with live tutoring, job hunting tips, and provides free resume templates. Customers have access to both Brainfuse HelpNow; the homework help side of Brainfuse and; Brainfuse JobNow the job hunting side with their library card. From the homepage, simply click the yellow triangle next to “Research,” select “Databases” from the drop-down menu, and scroll down the alphabetized list of databases to “Brainfuse.” For the HelpNow database, Brainfuse offers a live homework tutor 2 – 11 p.m. EST Monday through Sunday. Students get real-time help with Brainfuse experts. As for JobNow, live resume experts are available daily 2-11pm EST. JobNow experts will review a student’s resume and suggest edits for improvement.

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Once a customer enters the JobNow database, they will see a page with three columns; “Résumé,” “Job Interviews,” and “Career.” Brainfuse’s claim to fame is their live experts. I often recommend JobNow to teenagers who are creating their first resumes. Usually, I’ll spy a teen attempting to download a resume template from a site they found via Google but the site traps their freshly created resume behind a paywall. The teen doesn’t always register the fact that it’s a paywall and they call me over for computer help. I take this opportunity to refer them to JobNow. Brainfuse JobNow gives users free and easy resume templates that help patrons learn the differences of resume organization, buzzwords for specific industries, and suggests wording to generate a professional resume. After the user has landed an interview with their sharp-looking resume, JobNow will then help them prepare for that interview! Brainfuse’s live coaches make this resource stand out from other job hunting sites. A live interview coach will chat with customers to answer any questions the interviewee has and will polish their interview skills.

 Homework help is never far with Brainfuse’s features. Customers can access the database the same way they find Brainfuse JobNow (JPL’s website, research, databases, Brainfuse HelpNow). HelpNow is divided into three main categories: “Expert Help,” “Study,” and “Collaborate.” The “Expert Help” options are the most interactive of the categories because this is where users find live tutoring and the writing lab, a place for students to submit their essays for Brainfuse experts to review and give feedback. The “Study” category contains tools for students to take practice tests, create their own flashcards, or take a career aptitude test. The final category, “Collaborate” is meant to facilitate communication on group projects and assist study groups by displaying notes in a more digestible format. All free tools that make it easy to ace that test or project!

Brainfuse JobNow and HelpNow are invaluable resources for all our customers, not just our teens, because of the accessibility, quality content, and live experts — all free with your library card! My teens have found Brainfuse useful for reviewing short stories, homework help, for procuring feedback for admissions essays, and much more!

Guest Blog by Teen Staff Alex Bishop at the Main Library

Mar 2 2018

Jacksonville Public Library