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Funding for FL Library Cooperatives Vetoed

Governor Rick Scott recently vetoed funding for Florida Library Cooperatives, including the NE Florida Library Information Network (NEFLIN). NEFLIN provides cost-effective services to the Jacksonville Public Library, including valuable training for library staff. We encourage you to write to Governor Scott to voice your opposition to this veto. You can e-mail Governor Scott from his website.

The program is an integral part of the provision of library service to Floridians. It supports interlibrary loan of materials among libraries across the state, administers the Ask-A-Librarian reference service, and provides critically needed training for library staff.  The Library Cooperative Grants are necessary for the cooperatives' operation and without this or replacement funding, the cooperatives will go away.

The Library Cooperatives also help libraries participate in Interlibrary Loan in a variety of ways.  They help libraries maintain their records in a national database so their books can be discovered by those needing them and requested.  Some manage subscriptions for record loading and Interlibrary Loan, and they all provide training for library staff. In short, Cooperatives play an important role in the provision of library services to Floridians.  If they are not around, another way will have to be found to provide the services.  Library Cooperatives can't survive long without state funding.

Make your voice heard! Click here to download a sample letter expressing your opposition to Governor Scott's veto. Feel free to personalize the letter explaining how much these valuable services mean to you and your family.

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