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Flex Those Summer Reading Muscles

We love summer because our buildings are bursting with excited book lovers fresh out of school, who come to hang out, read, and participate in programs. Summer also means we start to talk a lot, A LOT, about summer reading and how important it is. No joke, kids can lose up to two months of reading skills during the summer! If children don't flex those reading comprehension muscles, they really do lose it. That's where we come in! We make it easy to keep those skills sharp with lots of FREE resources:

Can't afford to buy several books a week for your children?

We have shelves and shelves of books (and movies and music) for free and with so many different topics it would make your head spin. Dinosaurs? We got 'em. Mermaids? No problem. Witches, wizards, and all manner of fey creatures? Absolutely.



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Not sure where you local branch is?

Probably pretty close to you! We've got 21 branches around town, and there's probably one in your neighborhood!

Work too much and are worried about late fees?

We have online resources like Overdrive so there are no late fees. Just set up your account with your library card. For physical materials we have online renewal services, and you can set up email notifications that remind you to renew, so you never have late fees!

With all the FREE books and FREE activities is pretty easy to see how appealing your local library is. In addition, several library locations are FREE lunch spots for children thanks to the great work that the Jacksonville Children's Commission does. So beat the heat, bring your kids on in and show them just how much fun they can have when it comes to reading!




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