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Find Your Passion at Jax Library: Brewing

Brad from Intuition Ale Works holding books with beer kegs in the background, Find Your Passion: Brewing

Brad from Intuition Ale Works holding a book with beer cans in the background

The library is the perfect place to explore your passions. With millions of resources in every format, you can learn and expand your talent for free!

Brad is a cellarman at Intuition Ale Works in Downtown Jacksonville. He's been handling most of the packaging for Intuition as well as secondary fermentations and homebrewing for the past three years. We caught up with Brad to learn more about his passion for brewing.

Which library branch do you use most?

I live in St. Nicholas, so I use the San Marco Branch Library. Love to ride my bike up there and vote there as well.

Tell us about your love for brewing and craft beer in general.

There are so many variables that you can go into with brewing. It’s still constantly developing itself, so there are new styles coming out and we’re still trying to master styles that were built 500 years ago. I love the science behind it, too.

How and when did you discover your love for craft beer?working with beer kegs

In college at the University of Central Florida, I was able to take a hospitality course about tasting beer. I loved the class and had a great professor.

What would you recommend to someone who’s interested in learning more about craft beer and brewing?

The taste for it definitely helps. There are schools that you can join, or you can just visit your library, pick up books and read about it.

What are some of your favorite brewing books?



Cover of Radical Brewing by Randy Mosher

Radical Brewing by Randy Mosher — Veteran brewer and creative genius Randy Mosher delivers an entertaining look at beer history and culture along with a no-nonsense approach to the art of innovative brewing.

He combines a passion for good beer with a solid understanding of brewing science to give a practical guide to joyfully creative brewing.

It will take you to places you never thought you would go!




Cover of Clone Brews by Mark and Tess SzamatulskiCloneBrews by Mark and Tess Szamatulski — Brew your own clones of Magic Hat #9, Ithaca Brown, Moose Drool, Samuel Adams Boston Ale, and 196 more commercial beers!

Revised, improved, and expanded, this second edition of CloneBrews contains 50 brand-new recipes, updated mashing guidelines, and a food pairing feature that recommends the best fare to match every beer.

With basic brewing equipment and a bit of know-how, you can duplicate all of your favorite lagers and ales from home. 



Brad from Intuition Ale Works holding books with beer kegs in the background

Special thanks to Brad and Intuition Ale Works for chatting about beer and books with us!

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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Jacksonville Public Library