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Destination: Library

Have you heard? Jacksonville is an emerging top tourist destination. Yes, really! According to TripAdvisor, millions of their users have named Jacksonville as “one of the top 10 destinations on the rise in the U.S. for 2016.”

We know we are a must see city, and we’re glad that TripAdvisor, and all those who voted for us do too! Of all the arts, culture and history here in town, the Jacksonville Public Library ranks pretty high in each of those categories. Here are some must see items at the Main Library to add to your list when it comes to visiting Jax.

Our Art Collection:

  • Did you know that we have two gorgeous murals, both designed by local artists? The one pictured spans the 2nd and 3rd floor stairwell, and our latest addition can be found in the Children's Department! We always have at least one art installation up. Currently, we’ve got a fantastic quilt exhibit on the 3rd floor and a photography exhibit on the Conference Level.

Our Architecture:

  • It’s true; we’ve got a stunning building, with enough natural light to make a photographer cry. Our architectural and design team also paid attention to the details. We have little design features too. Take, for example, our beautiful owl statue, perched on the corner of our building. Wisdom, the owl out front, sits proudly on top of books, and has a golden key hovering over her head. This is not just a random combination of designs, put all the elements together it means that “wisdom” is the “key” to “knowledge."

Our Secret Garden:

  • Well, okay, not really a garden, but it is secret. You may miss this feature if you usually take the elevators. It’s only accessible from the second floor, and it’s a can’t miss experience in our city. Come bring your lunch, or just read, at one of the many tables available. Listen to the soothing sounds of the fountain as you relax in the sun. It’s a constant favorite of the staff at Main, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

We’d like to give an honorable mention to our incredible map room, and special collections on the 4th Floor too. We’d love to mention some of our other features like genealogy, language learning software, GED services more – but we figure that most libraries in other cities have that too, right? Just make sure you’re taking advantage of it. If you are looking for some other spots downtown when it comes to arts and culture, the Cultural Council of Jax has put together a list for your convenience.

Oh, and one last thing, if you do come visit the patio, our special collections, Wisdom the Owl, our mural (or any of our other attractions) snap a photo and tag us – we love seeing what our followers are up to!

Jacksonville Public Library