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Card Me: National Library Card Sign-Up Month

It’s National Library Card Sign-Up Month and we’re celebrating with a little contest that explores some of the great services you enjoy for FREE with your Jax Library card!  You already know the library offers all your favorite book titles, but we really aren’t joking when we say that your library card allows you to “Start Here. Go Anywhere.” In the spirit of celebrating library card services we’re having a contest. We want you to share a photo on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram of your library finds, your first library card, a favorite library card memory or service by tagging us in some great photos. Our winner will be notified by Oct. 4, they will receive a $25 restaurant gift card! To give you some ideas on some dynamic entries here are some library card resources you might not be aware that you have access to: Learn a Language Buongiòrno! ¿Cómo Estás? Danke! If you are looking to travel this year and you’d like to pick up some phrases to get by, Transparent Language is for you. Transparent  Language focuses on helping you learn a new language through simple phrases. To start learning how to order a cheese plate in French grab your library card number and create your account! Printer on the Fritz? Use Ours! Same with your laptop that just won’t turn on. Simply use your library card to log on to one of the many computers and print your boarding pass, that important form that needs your signature right now, and more. You can even send a print job remotely from your phone, tablet or laptop, and then print it out at the Main Library – you’ll have plenty of time to check out a few books too! Free, Live

, Online Tutoring Has Calculus made your teen cry? Does your middle schooler have questions about grammar that makes your brain hurt? Brainfuse is here to help. Login with your library card number and you’ll get access to tutoring resources for all ages. From 2 p.m to 11 p.m. your student can chat with a live tutor, for free. These educators will take students through tough homework, writing, and language problems in real-time giving your kids the edge they need. Start your Genealogy Search If you’ve always wanted to try out here’s your chance. We have a subscription to the ultimate genealogy service–the only catch? You need your library card and you have to access the database on-site. Stop by your local branch and get started with some cursory research on just what year Aunt Carla closed her beauty shop in NY and moved to Florida! Check out Books, Movies and CDs This may seem obvious, but you just never know what you’ll find on our shelves–plus books don’t require a power source and provide hours of entertainment!  Stop by and stock up on movies, audiobooks and CDs that don’t require Wi-Fi during the storm. Tons of Online Resources at Your Fingertips Hoopla: Hoopla features audiobooks, graphic novels and eBooks. Now, it’s at your fingertips and you have no excuse! Heck, we even provide a quick start guide for easy usage! OverDrive: Overdrive is a great e-service for e-books, audiobooks and videos. With OverDrive you can search for books through their platform or through the library catalog! Magazines: Hey Magazine Mavens, this one is for you! Want to catch up on the glossy spreads of National Geographic? Is your teen worried because they skipped the last fashion trends in the most recent issue of Teen Vogue? RB Digital is here to save the day! Easy access, online, to hundreds of magazines, all at your fingertips with your library card! May the best photo win, we can’t wait to see what you come up with. Oh, and if you don’t have a library card of your own, we strongly encourage you to become a card carrying member of the Jax Library!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Jacksonville Public Library