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Brentwood Closure

Final Update 11/3/2017: Brentwood is now open! Big thanks to community partners and the Friends of Brentwood who helped make the Fall Back Into Brentwood party a success!

UPDATE 10/13/2017: Brentwood will be open as of 10/14/2017! Celebrate the grand reopening with a fall festival on Monday, Oct. 30 at 3 p.m.

UPDATED 10/6/2017: Materials are going back on the shelves! Won't be long now till Brentwood is open for business!

UPDATED 10/4/2017: Loving this overhead shot showing the progress at Brentwood! Some of the furniture is on its way and the shelving is getting set up! 


UPDATED 9/15/2017: The renovations at Brentwood were not affected by Hurricane Irma! While we did lose some construction time due to the storm, we are back on schedule with the remodeling. Stay tuned for pictures next week.

UPDATED 9/7/2017: Brentwood is starting to look like its old self! The walls are looking less bare, and the carpet has gone in nicely. The books will be back in no time!

UPDATED 8/30/2017: A fresh coat of paint brightens up the walls at Brentwood this week! Up next; painting the trim and railings, and installing the rest of the carpet.


UPDATED 8/25/2017: We are moving right along with the Brentwood renovations! We are preparing for the second part of the project next week. We will begin to prep the floor for the carpet and paint the interior! Check out our progress below.  


UPDATED 8/23/2017: Renovations are underway! Don't forget, if you've placed library materials on hold, or have holds that become available, you will be able to pick them up at Dallas Graham Branch Library, 2304 N. Myrtle Ave., for the duration of the closure.


UPDATED 8/16/2017: All books at Brentwood Branch are safely wrapped up and ready to be moved. Let the renovations begin!


UPDATED 8/11/2017: On Friday, August 11th Brentwood Branch hosted their annual Back to School bash before they temporarily closed for their branch renovations.


UPDATED 8/7/2017: The Jacksonville Public Library will temporarily suspend service at the Brentwood Branch Library starting Monday, Aug. 14 to replace carpet, furniture, and add six new computers. The branch is expected to reopen late September or early October; updates will be provided on the library's website and social media channels. In addition to the replacement of all carpet, which is being funded by a combination of Community Development Block Grants and State Aid funds, the City of Jacksonville Public Buildings Division is funding a full asbestos abatement of the building.

When the renovation is complete, the branch will be reorganized. The second floor, currently not fully utilized, will house services for adults including library materials and public computers. The first floor will be dedicated to serving children and teens.

The book drop at the Brentwood Branch Library will remain closed during this time; however, customers may return materials to any library location. Customers who have placed library materials on hold, or have holds that become available, will be able to pick them up at Dallas Graham Branch Library, 2304 N. Myrtle Ave., for the duration of the closure.

Customers are encouraged to visit any of the system’s 20 other locations throughout Jacksonville during this period for library services, and can always take advantage of the library’s online resources at

About the Brentwood Branch Library

The Brentwood Branch Library opened in the 9,200 square foot Brentwood Theatre building in 1961 to replace the 1,200 square foot Springfield Library. The last major renovation occurred in 1996 when the branch closed to update the restrooms and entrance and install an elevator.

Brentwood and the Urban Core libraries’ hours were reduced by budget cuts in 2012. Since restoring the hours in 2015 to provide six-day service, the Urban Core libraries (Brentwood, Brown Eastside, Dallas Graham and Westbrook) have had the greatest growth. Brentwood itself has experienced triple-digit increases in visitors.


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