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Plate XI.

Plate XI. Ceremonies Performed by Saturioua Before Going on an Expedition Against the Enemy

Plate XI. Ceremonies Performed by Saturioua Before Going on an Expedition Against the Enemy

It is mentioned in the account if the second voyage that the French made a treaty of friendship with a powerful chief of the vicinity, named Saturioua, with agreement that they were to erect a fort in his territory, and were to be friends to his friends, and enemies to his enemies; 

and, further, that on occasion they should furnish him some arquebusiers. About three months afterwards, he sent messengers to Laudonnière to ask for the arquebusiers according to the treaty, as he was about to make war upon his enemies. Laudonnière, however, sent to him Captain La Caille with some men, to inform him courteously that he could not just then supply any soldiers, for the reason that he hoped to be able to make peace between the parties. But the chief was indignant at this reply, as he could not now put off 

his expedition, having got his provisions ready, and summoned the neighboring chiefs to his aid; and he heretofore prepared to set out at once. He assembled his men decorated, after the Indian manner, with feathers and other things, in a level place, the soldiers of Laudonnière being present; and the force sat down in a circle, the chief being in the middle. A fire was then lighted on his left, and two great vessels full of water were set on his right. Then chief, after rolling his eyes as if excited by anger, uttering some sounds deep down in his throat, and making various gestures, all at once raised a horrid yell; and all his soldiers repeated this yell, striking their hips and rattling their weapons. Then the chief, taking a wooden platter of water, turned toward the sun, and worshiped it; praying to it for a victory over the enemy, and that, as he should now scatter the water that he had dipped up in the wooden platter, so might their blood be poured out. Then he flung water with a great cast up into the air; and, as it fell down upon his men, he added, “As I have done with this water, so I pray you may do with the blood of your enemies.” Then he poured the water in the other vase upon the fire, and said, “So may you be able to extinguish your enemies, and bring back their scalps.” Then they all arose, and set off by land up the river, upon their expedition.

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